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# -*- Python -*-
import os
def get_required_attr(config, attr_name):
attr_value = getattr(config, attr_name, None)
if not attr_value:
lit.fatal("No attribute %r in test configuration! You may need to run "
"tests from your build directory or add this attribute "
"to " % attr_name)
return attr_value
# Setup config name. = 'UndefinedBehaviorSanitizer'
# Setup source root.
config.test_source_root = os.path.dirname(__file__)
def DisplayNoConfigMessage():
lit.fatal("No site specific configuration available! " +
"Try running your test from the build tree or running " +
"make check-ubsan")
# Figure out LLVM source root.
llvm_src_root = getattr(config, 'llvm_src_root', None)
if llvm_src_root is None:
# We probably haven't loaded the site-specific configuration: the user
# is likely trying to run a test file directly, and the site configuration
# wasn't created by the build system or we're performing an out-of-tree build.
ubsan_site_cfg = lit.params.get('ubsan_site_config', None)
if ubsan_site_cfg and os.path.exists(ubsan_site_cfg):
lit.load_config(config, ubsan_site_cfg)
raise SystemExit
# Try to guess the location of site-specific configuration using llvm-config
# util that can point where the build tree is.
llvm_config = lit.util.which("llvm-config", config.environment["PATH"])
if not llvm_config:
# Find out the presumed location of generated site config.
llvm_obj_root = lit.util.capture(["llvm-config", "--obj-root"]).strip()
ubsan_site_cfg = os.path.join(llvm_obj_root, "projects", "compiler-rt",
"lib", "ubsan", "lit_tests", "")
if not ubsan_site_cfg or not os.path.exists(ubsan_site_cfg):
lit.load_config(config, ubsan_site_cfg)
raise SystemExit
# Setup attributes common for all compiler-rt projects.
compiler_rt_src_root = get_required_attr(config, 'compiler_rt_src_root')
compiler_rt_lit_cfg = os.path.join(compiler_rt_src_root, "lib",
if not compiler_rt_lit_cfg or not os.path.exists(compiler_rt_lit_cfg):
lit.fatal("Can't find common compiler-rt lit config at: %r"
% compiler_rt_lit_cfg)
lit.load_config(config, compiler_rt_lit_cfg)
# Default test suffixes.
config.suffixes = ['.c', '.cc', '.cpp']
# UndefinedBehaviorSanitizer tests are currently supported on
# Linux and Darwin only.
if config.host_os not in ['Linux', 'Darwin']:
config.unsupported = True