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AddressSanitizer RT
This directory contains sources of the AddressSanitizer (asan) run-time library.
We are in the process of integrating AddressSanitizer with LLVM, stay tuned.
Directory structre:
README.txt : This file. : File for make-based build.
CMakeLists.txt : File for cmake-based build.
asan_*.{cc,h} : Sources of the asan run-time lirbary.
scripts/* : Helper scripts.
tests/* : ASan unit tests.
lit_tests/* : ASan output tests.
Also ASan runtime needs the following libraries:
lib/interception/ : Machinery used to intercept function calls.
lib/sanitizer_common/ : Code shared between ASan and TSan.
Currently ASan runtime can be built by both make and cmake build systems.
(see compiler-rt/make and files for make-based build and
files CMakeLists.txt for cmake-based build).
ASan unit and output tests work only with cmake. You may run this
command from the root of your cmake build tree:
make check-asan
For more instructions see: