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## Autogenerated by LLVM/Clang configuration.
# Do not edit!
config.target_triple = "@TARGET_TRIPLE@"
config.host_os = "@HOST_OS@"
config.llvm_src_root = "@LLVM_SOURCE_DIR@"
config.llvm_obj_root = "@LLVM_BINARY_DIR@"
config.llvm_tools_dir = "@LLVM_TOOLS_DIR@"
config.clang = "@LLVM_BINARY_DIR@/bin/clang"
# LLVM tools dir can be passed in lit parameters, so try to
# apply substitution.
config.llvm_tools_dir = config.llvm_tools_dir % lit.params
except KeyError,e:
key, = e.args
lit.fatal("unable to find %r parameter, use '--param=%s=VALUE'" % (key, key))
# Let the main config do the real work.
lit.load_config(config, "@ASAN_SOURCE_DIR@/lit_tests/lit.cfg")