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# -*- Python -*-
import os
def get_required_attr(config, attr_name):
attr_value = getattr(config, attr_name, None)
if not attr_value:
lit.fatal("No attribute %r in test configuration! You may need to run "
"tests from your build directory or add this attribute "
"to " % attr_name)
return attr_value
# Setup attributes common for all compiler-rt projects.
llvm_src_root = get_required_attr(config, 'llvm_src_root')
compiler_rt_lit_unit_cfg = os.path.join(llvm_src_root, "projects",
"compiler-rt", "lib",
lit.load_config(config, compiler_rt_lit_unit_cfg)
# Setup config name. = 'ThreadSanitizer-Unit'
# Setup test source and exec root. For unit tests, we define
# it as build directory with TSan unit tests.
llvm_obj_root = get_required_attr(config, "llvm_obj_root")
config.test_exec_root = os.path.join(llvm_obj_root, "projects",
"compiler-rt", "lib",
"tsan", "tests")
config.test_source_root = config.test_exec_root
# Get path to external LLVM symbolizer to run ThreadSanitizer unit tests.
llvm_tools_dir = getattr(config, 'llvm_tools_dir', None)
if llvm_tools_dir:
llvm_symbolizer_path = os.path.join(llvm_tools_dir, "llvm-symbolizer")
config.environment['TSAN_OPTIONS'] = ("external_symbolizer_path=" +