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Tue Sep 23 19:14:27 CEST 2008 Stefan Reinauer (
Version 2.1
* Fix a number of off by one errors when accessing arrays
* Add support for reading/writing strings from/to CMOS.
Mon Jan 23 16:00:00 PST 2006 David S. Peterson (
Version 2.0.1
* Postpone most sanity checking of CMOS layout information until right
before a CMOS read or write operation is attempted. This fixes a
problem discovered by Stefan Reinauer in which lxbios was failing on
Opteron due to the existence of a "user_data" parameter that is 256
bits long. In general, postponing the sanity checks will make
lxbios more adaptable to changes in how LinuxBIOS stores CMOS
* Merge fix from Stefan Reinauer that makes hex dumps look a bit
* Merge fix from Stefan Reinauer that allows lxbios to access CMOS
memory beyond the first 128 bytes.
Fri Dec 16 14:30:00 PST 2005 David S. Peterson (
Version 2.0.0
* Added the following options:
Write CMOS layout information to standard output.
Write the contents of CMOS memory to a binary file.
Read binary data from file and write it to CMOS memory.
Show a hex dump of all CMOS data.
Read binary data from a CMOS dumpfile and show a hex dump of
the data.
Thanks to Stefan Reinauer for suggesting the ideas for the "-Y",
"-b OUTPUT_FILE", and "-B INPUT_FILE" options.
* Added support for reading/writing CMOS parameters between 1 and 64
bits in size that are not necessarily aligned on byte boundaries.
* Reworked much of the code, cleaning up some ugly parts.
* Made a number of minor improvements.
Wed Nov 30 16:30:00 PST 2005 David S. Peterson (
Version 1.4.0
* Merge patch from Stefan Reinauer <> that makes
lxbios recognize the LB_TAG_OPTION_CHECKSUM entry placed in the
coreboot table by newer versions of LinuxBIOS.
* Tweak formatting of code to facilitate merging future patches.
* Minor code cleanup.
Fri Jun 25 18:30:00 PDT 2004 David S. Peterson (
Version 1.3.2.
* Changed default_is_printable_fn to avoid problems displaying hex
Thu Jun 10 14:00:00 PDT 2004 David S. Peterson (
Version 1.3.1.
* Minor code cleanup.
Fri Mar 7 18:00:00 PST 2003 David S. Peterson (
Version 1.3.0.
* Added -y option that tells lxbios to get CMOS layout information
from a file instead of from the CMOS option table.
* Modified command syntax so that -r flag is required for reading a
single CMOS parameter.
* Fixed bug where CMOS checksum was being displayed with bytes
Thu Dec 5 14:30:00 PST 2002 David S. Peterson (
Version 1.2.3.
* Fixed bug where checksum was not being updated after changing CMOS
parameter values.
* Added code to verify checksum when reading CMOS parameters.
* Modified program so that check_sum parameter is treated differently
from other CMOS parameters. Now, -c option must be used to
read/write check_sum parameter.
Thu Nov 14 15:15:00 PST 2002 David S. Peterson (
Version 1.2.2.
* Shortened output of usage message.
Mon Nov 11 18:00:00 PST 2002 David S. Peterson (
Version 1.2.1.
* Fixed typo in man page.
Mon Nov 11 10:00:00 PST 2002 David S. Peterson (
Version 1.2.0.
* Added hex dump stuff.
Fri Nov 8 17:00:00 PST 2002 David S. Peterson (
Version 1.1.0.
* Added -l option for displaying entries from coreboot table.
* Added -d option for low-level dump of coreboot table.
* Improved code that searches for coreboot table.
Wed Nov 6 09:30:00 PST 2002 David S. Peterson (
Version 1.0.0.