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FLASH@0xfe000000 0x2000000 {
SI_ALL@0x0 0x400000 {
SI_DESC@0x0 0x1000
SI_ME@0x1000 0x3ff000
SI_BIOS@0x400000 0x1c00000 {
# Place RW_LEGACY at the start of BIOS region such that the rest
# of BIOS regions start at 16MiB boundary. Since this is a 32MiB
# SPI flash only the top 16MiB actually gets memory mapped.
RW_LEGACY(CBFS)@0x0 0x1000000
RW_SECTION_A@0x1000000 0x3e0000 {
VBLOCK_A@0x0 0x10000
FW_MAIN_A(CBFS)@0x10000 0x3cffc0
RW_FWID_A@0x3dffc0 0x40
RW_SECTION_B@0x13e0000 0x3e0000 {
VBLOCK_B@0x0 0x10000
FW_MAIN_B(CBFS)@0x10000 0x3cffc0
RW_FWID_B@0x3dffc0 0x40
RW_MISC@0x17c0000 0x40000 {
RW_MRC_CACHE@0x10000 0x20000
RW_ELOG(PRESERVE)@0x30000 0x4000
RW_SHARED@0x34000 0x4000 {
SHARED_DATA@0x0 0x2000
VBLOCK_DEV@0x2000 0x2000
RW_VPD(PRESERVE)@0x38000 0x2000
RW_NVRAM(PRESERVE)@0x3a000 0x6000
# Make WP_RO region align with SPI vendor
# memory protected range specification.
WP_RO@0x1800000 0x400000 {
RO_VPD(PRESERVE)@0x0 0x4000
RO_SECTION@0x4000 0x3fc000 {
FMAP@0x0 0x800
RO_FRID@0x800 0x40
RO_FRID_PAD@0x840 0x7c0
GBB@0x1000 0x3000
COREBOOT(CBFS)@0x4000 0x3f8000