Chromium OS userland watchdog daemon

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  3. 60338a8 init: log a metric when service startup fails by Mike Frysinger · 1 year, 1 month ago firmware-cr50-9308.24.B firmware-cr50-9308.B firmware-cr50-9324.B firmware-cr50-release-9308.25.B release-R57-9202.B release-R58-9334.B stabilize-9093.B stabilize-9157.B stabilize-9199.B stabilize-9202.18.B stabilize-9202.28.B stabilize-9202.56.B stabilize-9202.64.B stabilize-9202.B stabilize-9313.B stabilize-9334.58.B stabilize-M57-9202.35.0.B stabilize-M58-9334.41.0.B stabilize-fsi-9202.10.B stabilize-fsi-9202.5.0.B
  4. 8a756a4 init: halt service if initial check fails by Mike Frysinger · 1 year, 1 month ago
  5. e4568c2 daisydog: drop explicit close call by Mike Frysinger · 1 year, 1 month ago

GPL Code is copied with explicit permission from Daniel Widyanto:

The project name is based on Samsung's “daisy” reference board design and I liked this quote from the daisy dog FAQ:

Daisy Dogs are not persnickety little ankle biters

When this daisydog doesn't run, the machine should reset. :)

An alternative code to start with would have been:

The watchdog project is alot more complicated than what the Chromium OS project needs.