daisydog: use minimalistic-mountns minijail profile

The only thing we need access to is /dev/watchdog.

TEST=starting daisydog still works, and killing it -9 causes system to reboot

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diff --git a/daisydog.conf b/daisydog.conf
index 0d4dfc8..856936f 100644
--- a/daisydog.conf
+++ b/daisydog.conf
@@ -10,7 +10,9 @@
 expect fork
-env minijail_common_args="-I -p -e -l -r -v -n \
+env minijail_common_args=" \
+  -I -p -e -l -r -v -n --uts \
+  --profile minimalistic-mountns -b /dev/watchdog \
   -u watchdog -g watchdog \
   -- /usr/sbin/daisydog"