Report a Bug or Make a Feature Request

Please go to the GitHub Issues page:

Checkout the Code

git clone

Become a Developer

The dpkt package uses the ‘GitHub Flow’ model: GitHub Flow

If you'd like to submit a PR to fix/improve dpkt, you should create a ‘fork’ of the repository and open a Pull Request (PR) and one of the developers will review the PR and give feedback. The following page has good instructions on creating a PR from a fork: make a fork and then create a Pull Request

New Feature or Bug

$ git checkout -b my-awesome
$ git push -u origin my-awesome
$ <code for a bit>; git push
$ <code for a bit>; git push
$ pytest dpkt (this will run all the tests)
  • Go to github and hit ‘New pull request’
  • Someone reviews it and says 'AOK/give feedback and merges