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em100: EM100-Pro command-line utility
This tool supports using the Dediprog EM100-Pro [1] in Linux. It supports both
the original version and the new -G2 variant.
The 'em100' device provides a way to emulate a SPI-flash chip. Various
connectors are available to allow it to take over from the in-circuit SPI chip
so that the SoC sees the em100's internal memory as the contents of the SPI
flash. Images can be loaded into the em100 over USB in a few seconds, thus
providing a much faster development cycle than is possible by reprogramming
the SPI flash each time.
./em100 --stop --set M25P80 -d file.bin --start -t -O 0xfff00000
Major features provided by the tool include:
- Set the chip being emulated (the tool supports about 600)
- Adjust the state of the hold pin, which supports overriding the internal SPI
- Use of several em100 devices, distinguished by their serial number
- Terminal mode, allowing the SoC to send messages
- Output a trace of SPI commands issued by the SoC
- Reading / writing em100 firmware (dangerous as it can brick your em100)
For help, use the -h option:
-c|--set CHIP: select chip emulation
-d|--download FILE: download FILE into EM100pro
-u|--upload FILE: upload from EM100pro into FILE
-r|--start: em100 shall run
-s|--stop: em100 shall stop
-v|--verify: verify EM100 content matches the file
-t|--trace: trace mode
-O|--offset HEX_VAL: address offset for trace mode
-T|--terminal: terminal mode
-F|--firmware-update FILE: update EM100pro firmware (dangerous)
-f|--firmware-dump FILE: export raw EM100pro firmware to file
-g|--firmware-write FILE: export EM100pro firmware to DPFW file
-S|--set-serialno NUM: set serial number to NUM
-p|--holdpin [LOW|FLOAT|INPUT]: set the hold pin state
-x|--device BUS:DEV use EM100pro on USB bus/device
-x|--device DPxxxxxx use EM100pro with serial no DPxxxxxx
-l|--list-devices list all connected EM100pro devices
-D|--debug: print debug information.
-h|--help: this help text