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// * arabic Language ar ar_list
// * This file writen by TAHA Zerrouki 2012
// ***************************************************************************
// * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify *
// * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by *
// * the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or *
// * (at your option) any later version. *
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// ***************************************************************************
// You can use the en_extra file, rather than this one
// to add your own pronunciation definitions.
// This file is UTF-8 encoded
// all words must be LOWER CASE (although the initial letter will be automatically
// converted if it's a 7bit ascii character)
//stress symbols ' primary , secondary % unstressed
// letter names, as they are spoken as a single character in text
// precede by _ to distinguish from pronunciation as a language word
// Arabic alphabet
_آ alif mamduudah
_ا alif
_ب baa?
_پ pi
_ت taa?
_ث Taa?
_ج dZim
_ح Haa?
_خ Xaa?
_د daal
_ذ Daal
_ر raa?
_ز zaaj
_س siin
_ش Siin
_ص s[aad
_ض dHaad
_ط t[aa?
_ظ Zaa?
_ع Aajn
_غ gHajn
_ف faa?
_ق qaaf
_ك kaaf
_گ gaaf
_ل laam
_م miim
_ن nuun
_و waaw
_ه haa?
_ي jaa?
_َ fatHah
_ُ dhammah
_ِ kasrah
_ّ Saddah
_ْ sukuun
_ً fatHataan
_ٌ dhammataan
_ٍ kasrataan
_، faas[ilah
_؛ nuqt[atah||faas[lah
_ـ tat[wiil
_ئ hamzah||Ala||?aljaa?
_ؤ hamzah||Ala||?alwaa?
_إ hamzah||taHta||?alwaa?
_أ ?alif
_ء hamzah
_ة taa?||marbuut[ah
_ى ?alif||maqs[uurah
_ةً tan
// When letters entered one by one
آ alif mamduudah $atend
ا alif $atend
ب baa? $atend
پ pi $atend
ت taa? $atend
ث Taa? $atend
ج dZim $atend
ح Haa? $atend
خ Xaa? $atend
د daal $atend
ذ Daal $atend
ر raa? $atend
ز zaaj $atend
س siin $atend
ش Siin $atend
ص s[aad $atend
ض dHaad $atend
ط t[aa? $atend
ظ Zaa? $atend
ع Aajn $atend
غ gHajn $atend
ف faa? $atend
ق qaaf $atend
ك kaaf $atend
گ gaaf $atend
ل laam $atend
م miim $atend
ن nuun $atend
و waaw $atend
ه haa? $atend
ي jaa? $atend
َ fatHah $atend
ُ dhammah $atend
ِ kasrah $atend
ّ Saddah $atend
ْ sukuun $atend
ً fatHataan $atend
ٌ dhammataan $atend
ٍ kasrataan $atend
، faas[ilah $atend
؛ nuqt[atah||faas[lah $atend
ـ tat[wiil $atend
ئ hamzah||Ala||?aljaa? $atend
ؤ hamzah||Ala||?alwaa? $atend
إ hamzah||taHta||?alwaa? $atend
أ ?alif $atend
ء hamzah $atend
ة taa?||marbuut[ah $atend
ى ?alif||maqs[uurah $atend
ةً tan $atend
// numeric
_0 s[ifr
_1 waaHid
_2 ?iTnaan
_3 TalaaTah
_4 ?arbaAah
_5 Xamsah
_6 sittah
_7 sabAah
_8 Tamanijah
_9 tisAah
_10 AaSarah
_11 ?aHada||AaSarah
_12 ?iTnaa||AaSarah
_13 TalaaTata||AaSarah
_14 ?arbaAata||AaSarah
_15 Xamsata||AaSarah
_16 sittata||AaSarah
_17 sabAata||AaSarah
_18 Tamaanijata||AaSarah
_19 tisAata||AaSarah
_2X AiSruun
_3X TalaTuun
_4X ?arbaAuun
_5X Xamsuun
_6X sittuun
_7X sabA:n
_8X Tamaanuun
_9X tisAuun
_0C mi?ah
_1C mi?ah
_2C mi?ataan
_3C TalaaTumi?ah
_4C ?arbaAumi?ah
_5C Xamsumi?ah
_6C sittumi?ah
_7C sabAumi?ah
_8C Tamaanumi?ah
_9C tisAumi?ah
_0M1 ?alf
_1M1 ?alf
_2M1 ?alfaan
_3M1 TalaaTat||?aalaaf
_4M1 ?arbaAat||?aalaaf
_5M1 Xamsat||?aalaaf
_6M1 sittat||?aalaaf
_7M1 sabAat||?aalaaf
_8M1 Tamaanijat||?aalaaf
_9M1 tisAat||?aalaaf
_10M1 AaSarat||?aalaaf
_0M2 m%ilj%uun
_1M2 m%iljuun
_2M2 miljuunaan
_3M2 TalaaTat||malaajiin
_4M2 ?arbaAat||malaajiin
_5M2 Xamsat||malaajiin
_6M2 sittat||malaajiin
_7M2 sabAat||malaajiin
_8M2 Tamaanijat||malaajiin
_9M2 tisAat||malaajiin
_10M2 AaSarat||malaajiin
_0M3 miljaar
_1M3 miljaar
_2M3 miljaaraan
_3M3 TalaaTat||miljaaraat
_4M3 ?arbaAat||miljaaraat
_5M3 Xamsat||miljaaraat
_6M3 sittat||miljaaraat
_7M3 sabAat||miljaaraat
_8M3 Tamaanijat||miljaaraat
_9M3 tisAat||miljaaraat
_10M3 AaSarat||miljaaraat
_0and wa
_dpt faas[il
_roman rumaanii
_#st om
_#nd va
_#rd om
_#th om
// character names
÷ taqsiim
× fii
؟ Aalaaamat||?istifhaam
! Aalaaamat||taAadZdZub
$ duulaar
% bilmi?ah
[ AaaridHah||maftuuHah
] AaaridHah||mugHlaqah
( qaws||maftuuH
) qaws||mugHlaq
* nedZmah
- naaqis[
/. nuqt[ah
/: nuqt[ataan
< ?as[gHar||min
= tusaawii
> ?akbar||min
{ HaadHinah||maftuuHah
} HaadHinah||mugHlaqah
... TalaaT||niqaat[
//characters and numbers and words with English alphabet is translated by English phonemes
th _^_en
د ?ad'duktuur $hasdot
أنا ?nba?anaa $hasdot
اه ?intahaa $hasdot
ثنا Had'daTanaa $hasdot
الخ ?ila||?aa_Xirih $hasdot
إلخ ?ila||?aaXirih $hasdot
رحه raHimahullah $hasdot
رضه radHijallahu||Anhu $hasdot
و wa $pause
إله ?ilaah
أولئك ?ulaa?ika
أولو ?uluu
أولي ?ulii
داود daawuud
ذلك Daalika
التي ?allatii
الذي ?allaDii
الذين ?allaDiina
اللذين ?allaDajn
اللذان ?allaDaani
صلعم s[allaa|?allahu|Alajhi||wa||sallam
الرحمن ?arraHmaan
لكن laakin
الله ?allaah
اللهم ?allahumma
هؤلاء haa?ulaa?i
هذا haaDaa
هذان haaDaani
هذه haaDihi
كغ kiluu||gHraam
كجم kiluu||gHraam
كغم kiluu||gHraam
طن t[un
كم kiiluu||mitar
سا saaAa
// Units below conflict with single letter word
// م mitar
// س su?aal
// ج dZawaab
// ص s[afHah
د.ج diinaar||dZazaa?irij
$ duulaar
£ dZunajh
¥ juwaan
ج.م juwaan||mis[ri
ر.س rijaal||saAuudii
ابن ?ibn
بن ban
//foreign language
إنجليزية ?ingliizijah // probelm
جوجل guugal
غوغل guugal
(بسم الله) bismillaah
// exceptional words with flags
ای ?aj $only
// exceptional words, (out of rules)
// proper nouns
طه t[aahaa
عمرو Aamr
أنا 'ana