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// This file is UTF8 encoded
// Spelling to phoneme words and exceptions for Malayalam
// letter names (consonants)
U+d02 'a#m
U+d03 visarg@m
U+d3d avagraha
U+d4d c#andraka:r@m
U+d4e // ??
ൺ _'yn. // chillu consonants
ൽ _il
ൾ _'yl.
ൿ _ik
ണൎ _'yn. // eSpeak uses unofficial 0xd4e for "virama + U+200d" to indicate 'chillu' characters
നൎ _in
റൎ _'yR
ലൎ _il
ളൎ _'yl.
കൎ _ik
// combining vowels, precede by a click so they can be distinguished from stand-alone vowels
ാ #X2a::
ി #X1i
ീ #X2i::
ു #X1u
ൂ #X2u::
ൃ #X1ri
ൄ #X2ri::
െ #X1e
േ #X2e::
ൈ #X2aI
ൊ #X1o
ോ #X2o::
ൌ #X2aU
ൗ #X2aU
// speak Latin letters as English
a e:j
b bi:
c si:
d di:
e i:
f Ef
g dZi:
h e:tS
i a:j
j dZe:j
k ke:j
l El
m Em
n En
o o:
p pi:
q kju:
r a:R
s Es
t t#i:
u ju:
v vi:
w dVbVlju:
x Eks
y wa:j
z zEd
// symbols
% S;at@ma:n@m $max3
* ast@risk $max3 // or [[ta:rika]]
= sam@m
+ ku:t.t.@n.@m
& samuccaj@m
_. bindu
_, aNkuS;@m
_; ro:d#ini
_? co:dj@cihn@m
_! a:S;c@rjacihn@m
// numbers
_0 p'u:Jj@m
_1 'onny
_2 r@n.dy
_3 mu:nny
_4 na:ly
_5 'an^cy
_6 'a:R2y
_7 'e:r.y
_8 'et.ty
_9 'onpaty
_10 patty
_1X pati
_11 patinonny
_12 pantran.ty
_15 patin'an^cy
_16 patin'a:R2y
_17 patin'e:r.y
_18 patin'et.ty
_19 pattompaty
_20 iryvaty
_2X iruvatti
_30 m'uppaty
_3X m'uppatti
_40 n'a:ppaty
_4X na:ppatti
_50 anpaty
_5X anpatti
_60 aR2uvaty
_6X aR2uvatti
_70 er.'uvaty
_7X er.'uvatti
_80 en.paty
_8X en.patt
_83 en.pattim'u:nny
_84 en.pattina:ly
_90 t'on.n.u:r:y
_9X t'on.n.u:t.t.i
_0C0 n'u:r:y
_0C nu:t.t.i
_1C0 orynu:ry
_1C orynu:t.t.i
_2C0 iRynn'u:ry
_2C irunnu:t.t.i
_3C0 munn'u:ry
_3C munnu:t.t.i
_4C0 n'a:nnu:ry
_4C n'a:nnu:t.t.i
_5C0 an^ju:ry
_5C an^ju:t.t.i
_6C0 aR2unu:ry
_6C aR2unu:t.t.i
_7C0 er.'unu:ry
_7C er.'unu:t.t.i
_8C0 en.n.u:ry
_8C en.n.u:t.t.i
_9C0 tol.l.'a:jiRam
_9C tol.l.'a:jiRatti
// thousands
_0M1x 'a:jiRam
_0M1 'a:jiRatti
_1f 'onn
_2f 'r@n.d
_3f 'imu:v
_3fx m'u:v // no tens
_4f 'ina:l
_4fx n'a:l
_5f 'ai:j
_6f 'a:R2
_7f 'e:r.
_8f 'enn
_9f omp'atin
_10f p'atin
_1Xf p'at
_12f p'antran.t
_13f p'atimu:v
_14f p'atina:l
_15f patin'ai:j
_18f patin'enn
_19f p'attomp'atin
_20f 'iruvatin
_2Xf 'iruvatt
_30f m'uppatin
_3Xf m'uppatt
_40f n'a:ppatin
_4Xf n'a:ppatt
_50f 'anpatin
_5Xf 'anpatt
_60f 'aR2uvatin
_6Xf 'aR2uvatt
_70f 'er.uvatin
_7Xf 'er.uvatt
_80f 'en.patin
_8Xf 'en.patt
_90f t'on.n.u:r:
_9Xf t'on.n.u:t.t.
// higher powers
_0M2x l'
_0M2 l'
_0M3 k'o:t.i
_dpt _d'aS;a:mS;@m_