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// This file is UTF8 encoded
// Spelling to phoneme words and exceptions for Papiamento
// characters
b be
c se
d de
f Ef
g ge
h ha
j je
k ka
l El
m Em
n En
p pe
q ky
r ER
s Es
t te
v ve
w we
x Eks
z zEt
ñ en^e
_a a
_e e
_i i
_o o
_y igR'Ek $atend
// these letters are in pap_rules, but the letter names include the accent name
á $accent
é $accent
í $accent
ó $accent
ú $accent
// è $accent
// ò $accent
// ù $accrnt
// accent names
_acu skERpi
_grv gRave
// numbers
_0 z'eRo
_1 'unu
_2 d'os
_3 tR'es
_4 kwat'eR
_5 s'inku
_6 s'Ejs
_7 S'ete
_8 'otSo
_9 nw'ebe
_1X dj'es
_11 djes'un
_2X b'inti
_3X tR'inta
_4X kwaR'enta
_5X sinkw'enta
_6X ses'enta
_7X set'enta
_8X otS'enta
_9X nob'enta
_0C sj'en
_0M1 m'il
_0M2 mi'on
_dpt _kOma/
// common function words
un $u+ // a
algun $u+ // some
i $u+ $pause // and
y $u $pause // and ??
y igR'Ek $atend
o $u+ $pause // or
òf $u+ $pause // or
ma $pause // but
ku $u+ $brk // which, that
(ken su) $u $brk
mi $u+ // I,me
bo $u+ // you
e $u+ // the. it, he, she
el $u+ // it, he, she (before 'a')
nos $u+ // we
boso $u+ // you
nan $u+ // they
ami $u+ // I
abo $u+ // you
su $u+ // his, her, its
ta $u+ // to be
tabata $u+ // was
lo $u+ // (future)
a $u+ // (past)
// tin $u+ // have
por $u+ // can
di $u+ // of
den $u+ // in
na $u+ // at