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Unicode Character Database Tools

The Unicode Character Database (UCD) Tools is a set of Python tools and a C library with a C++ API binding. The Python tools are designed to support extracting and processing data from the text-based UCD source files, while the C library is designed to provide easy access to this information within a C or C++ program.

The project uses and supports the following sources of Unicode codepoint data:

Build Dependencies

In order to build ucd-tools, you need:

  1. a functional autotools system (make, autoconf, automake and libtool);
  2. a functional C and C++ compiler.

NOTE: The C++ compiler is used to build the test for the C++ API.

To build the documentation, you need:

  1. the doxygen program to build the api documentation;
  2. the dot program from the graphviz library to generate graphs in the api documentation.


Core Dependencies:

autotoolssudo apt-get install make autoconf automake libtool
C++ compilersudo apt-get install gcc g++

Documentation Dependencies:

doxygensudo apt-get install doxygen
graphvizsudo apt-get install graphviz


UCD Tools supports the standard GNU autotools build system. The source code does not contain the generated configure files, so to build it you need to run:

./configure --prefix=/usr

The tests can be run by using:

make check

The program can be installed using:

sudo make install

The documentation can be built using:

make html

Updating the UCD Data

To re-generate the source files from the UCD data when a new version of unicode is released, you need to run:

./configure --prefix=/usr --with-unicode-version=VERSION
make ucd-update

where VERSION is the Unicode version (e.g. 6.3.0).

Additionally, you can use the UCD_FLAGS option to control how the data is generated. The following flags are supported:

--with-csurAdd ConScript Unicode Registry data.


Report bugs to the ucd-tools issues page on GitHub.

License Information

UCD Tools is released under the GPL version 3 or later license.

The UCD data files in data/ucd are downloaded from the UCD website and are licensed under the Unicode Terms of Use. These data files are used in their unmodified form. They have the following Copyright notice:

Copyright © 1991-2014 Unicode, Inc. All rights reserved.

The files in data/csur are based on the information from the ConScript Unicode Registry maintained by John Cowan and Michael Everson.