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2006-03-06 Roland McGrath <>
* Makefile (%.bz2, %.gz): New pattern rules.
2006-02-28 Roland McGrath <>
* Makefile (glibc-port-%-$(dist-version).tar): Don't include top-level
* README: Update for new add-on scheme.
2006-02-27 Roland McGrath <>
* Makefile: Remove libc boilerplate.
* Makeconfig: File removed.
* File removed.
* configure: File removed.
2005-03-22 Roland McGrath <>
* Makefile ($(distname).tar): Fail if sysdeps/.../configure files are
not all up to date. Touch configure files after cvs export.
(glibc-port-%-$(dist-version).tar): Likewise.
2004-10-22 Roland McGrath <>
* Makefile (dist, dist-ports): New target.
(dist-port-%): New pattern rule.
* Makeconfig [!subdir] (ports/%): New pattern rule.
* Cope if there are no sysdeps/*/preconfigure files.
* configure: Regenerated.
2004-08-16 Roland McGrath <>
* Makefile: New file.
2004-08-04 Roland McGrath <>
New directory implementing glibc add-on infrastructure for
ports maintained separate from the core glibc source tree.
* README,, Makeconfig, Banner, ChangeLog: New files.
* configure: New generated file.