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# This makefile is not used by the glibc build process.
# It's purely for making ports tarballs.
.PHONY: dist dist-ports
dist: dist-ports
# Do `make dist dist-version=X.Y.Z' to make tar files of an older version.
dist-version = $(version)
# Also try 'dist-tag=some="-r TAG"' (or -D DATE) to get some tag rather
# than the release tag for X.Y.Z.
dist-tag = -r glibc-$(subst .,_,$(dist-version))
distname = glibc-ports-$(dist-version)
do-export = cvs $(CVSOPTS) -Q export -d $(basename $@) $(dist-tag)
dist-ports: $(foreach Z,.bz2 .gz,$(distname).tar$Z)
md5sum $^
@rm -fr $(basename $@)
$(MAKE) -q `find sysdeps -name configure`
$(do-export) ports
find $(basename $@) -name configure -print | xargs touch
tar cf $@ $(basename $@)
rm -fr $(basename $@)
sysdeps-of-stem = sysdeps/$* sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/$*
.PRECIOUS: %.gz %.bz2 # Don't delete output as intermediate files.
dist-port-%: $(foreach Z,.bz2 .gz,glibc-port-%-$(dist-version).tar$Z)
md5sum $^
glibc-port-%-$(dist-version).tar: ChangeLog.%
@rm -fr $(basename $@)
$(MAKE) -q `find $(sysdeps-of-stem) -name configure`
$(do-export) ports/ChangeLog.$* $(addprefix ports/,$(sysdeps-of-stem))
mv $(basename $@)/ports/* $(basename $@)/
rmdir $(basename $@)/ports
find $(basename $@) -name configure -print | xargs touch
tar cf $@ $(basename $@)
rm -fr $(basename $@)
%.bz2: %; bzip2 -9vk $<
%.gz: %; gzip -9vnc $< > $ && mv -f $ $@