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# File name Caller Syscall name # args Strong name Weak names
# Semaphore and shm system calls. msgctl, shmctl, and semctl have C
# wrappers (to set __IPC_64).
msgget - msgget i:ii __msgget msgget
msgrcv - msgrcv Ci:ibnii __msgrcv msgrcv
msgsnd - msgsnd Ci:ibni __msgsnd msgsnd
shmat - shmat i:ipi __shmat shmat
shmdt - shmdt i:s __shmdt shmdt
shmget - shmget i:iii __shmget shmget
semop - semop i:ipi __semop semop
semtimedop - semtimedop i:ipip semtimedop
semget - semget i:iii __semget semget
# proper socket implementations:
accept - accept Ci:iBN __libc_accept __accept accept
bind - bind i:ipi __bind bind
connect - connect Ci:ipi __libc_connect __connect_internal __connect connect
getpeername - getpeername i:ipp __getpeername getpeername
getsockname - getsockname i:ipp __getsockname getsockname
getsockopt - getsockopt i:iiiBN __getsockopt getsockopt
listen - listen i:ii __listen listen
recv - recv Ci:ibni __libc_recv __recv recv
recvfrom - recvfrom Ci:ibniBN __libc_recvfrom __recvfrom recvfrom
recvmsg - recvmsg Ci:ipi __libc_recvmsg __recvmsg recvmsg
send - send Ci:ibni __libc_send __send send
sendmsg - sendmsg Ci:ipi __libc_sendmsg __sendmsg sendmsg
sendto - sendto Ci:ibnibn __libc_sendto __sendto sendto
setsockopt - setsockopt i:iiibn __setsockopt setsockopt
shutdown - shutdown i:ii __shutdown shutdown
socket - socket i:iii __socket socket
socketpair - socketpair i:iiif __socketpair socketpair