Update to GNU GRUB 2.00 from upstream.

This incorporates the code from upstream grub-2.00.tar.xz, including all the
generated files in the tarball, as with the previous import of 1.97.

Among other things, GRUB 2.00 fixes numerous bugs in 32-bit UEFI boot support.
This upgrade was deferred from previous versions of ChromeOS when GRUB was a
part of the normal boot process, but GRUB is now used exclusively for UEFI boot
support, so this is a low-risk change.

Note that this commit includes only the GRUB 2.00 upstream source, with
none of the ChromeOS changes.  Subsequent commits will forward-port the
ChromeOS changes previously applied to 1.97.  Those changes do not
directly apply to the updated source, and require reworks to apply and

TEST=With the complete patch series, built a complete x86-generic image,
     and booted it via UEFI on both 32-bit and 64-bit UEFI platforms.

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