servod: clean up power_tools.xml situation

This change:

- moves the short-hand configurations for ina219, ina3221, and ina231
from common.xml into power_tools.xml
> This is to have the short-hands in their thematically appropriate
config file.

- removes power_tools.xml inclusion in autogenerated power maps, as
power_tools is now default included in common.xml
> This is to avoid a harmless error message that complains about importing
power_tools.xml twice - once from common.xml & once from the power
configuration file.

- includes common.xml in sweetberry.xml
> This is now required for sweetberry to have power_tools.xml as the
configuration files do not include it anymore (see point above)
>> extra tiny perk: sweetberry gets some useful controls such as

TEST=manual testing
> builds fine
> passes data-integrity test
> with sweetberry
sudo servod -c servo_sweetberry_rails_addr.xml &
dut-control j4_9_cfg_reg:low_power
(no error/issue)

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