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# Copyright (c) 2014 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import time
import hw_driver
class PowerStateDriver(hw_driver.HwDriver):
"""Abstract superclass to provide board-specific power operations.
This driver handles a single control with three settings:
* 'off' - This must power the DUT off, regardless of its
current state.
* 'on' - This powers the DUT on in normal (not recovery) mode.
The behavior of this setting is undefined if the DUT is not
currently powered off.
* 'rec' - Equivalent to 'on', except that the DUT boots in
recovery mode.
Actual implementation of the required behaviors is delegated to
the methods `_power_off()` and `_power_on()`, which must be
implemented in a subclass.
_STATE_OFF = 'off'
_STATE_ON = 'on'
REC_ON = 'on'
REC_OFF = 'off'
def __init__(self, interface, params):
interface: driver interface object
params: dictionary of params
super(PowerStateDriver, self).__init__(interface, params)
self._reset_hold_time = float(
self._params.get('reset_hold', 0.5))
self._reset_recovery_time = float(
self._params.get('reset_recovery', 5.0))
def _cold_reset(self):
"""Apply cold reset to the DUT.
This asserts, then de-asserts the 'cold_reset' signal. The
exact affect on the hardware varies depending on the board type.
self._interface.set('cold_reset', 'on')
self._interface.set('cold_reset', 'off')
# After the reset, give the EC the time it needs to
# re-initialize.
def _power_off(self):
"""Power off the DUT.
The DUT is required to be off at the end of this call,
regardless of its previous state, provided that there is working
EC and boot firmware. There is no requirement for working OS
raise NotImplementedError()
def _power_on(self, rec_mode):
"""Force the DUT to power on.
Behavior is undefined unless the DUT is already powered off,
e.g. with a call to `_power_off()`.
At power on, recovery mode is set as specified by the `rec_mode`
When booting in recovery mode, the client is responsible for
inserting USB boot media after this method returns. This
method is responsible for any delays required to make the DUT
ready for media insertion after power on.
rec_mode: Setting of recovery mode to be applied at power on.
raise NotImplementedError()
def set(self, statename):
"""Set power state according to `statename`."""
if statename == self._STATE_OFF:
elif statename == self._STATE_ON:
elif statename == self._STATE_REC_MODE:
raise ValueError("Invalid power_state setting: '%s'. Try one of "
"'%s', '%s', or '%s'." % (statename,
self._STATE_ON, self._STATE_OFF,