dut_power: add option to not query EC vbat

Add an option to dut-power tool to not query EC vbat. This is
helpful when measuring standby power where querying EC vbat
constantly increases total power.

BUG=chromium:806146, b:111616837
TEST=manual testing

sudo servod -b nami -c nami_rev1_inas.xml

dut-power -h
shows the help message

works, provide both INA and EC data

dut-power --ina-rate=-1 --vbat-rate=-1
works, throws exception as expected

dut-power --ina-rate=1 --vbat-rate=-1
works, only query ina

dut-power --ina-rate=-1 --vbat-rate=1
works, only query EC

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