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# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Driver for board config controls of type=ec.
Provides the following EC controlled function:
dev_mode (Temporary. See
import logging
import time
import pty_driver
KEY_STATE = [0, 1, 1, 1, 1]
# Key matrix row and column mapped from kbd_m*_a*
KEY_MATRIX = [[[(0, 4), (11, 4)], [(2, 4), None]], [[(0, 2), (11, 2)], [(2, 2),
# EC console mask for enabling only command channel
class ecError(Exception):
"""Exception class for ec."""
class ec(pty_driver.ptyDriver):
"""Object to access drv=ec controls.
Note, instances of this object get dispatched via base class,
HwDriver's get/set method. That method ultimately calls:
"_[GS]et_%s" % params['subtype'] below.
For example, a control to read kbd_en would be dispatched to
call _Get_kbd_en.
def __init__(self, interface, params):
interface: FTDI interface object to handle low-level communication to
params: dictionary of params needed to perform operations on
devices. The only params used now is 'subtype', which is used
by get/set method of base class to decide how to dispatch
super(ec, self).__init__(interface, params)
# Add locals to the values dictionary.
if 'kbd' not in self._interface._uart_state:
self._interface._uart_state['kbd'] = list(KEY_STATE)
def _limit_channel(self):
"""Save the current console channel setting and limit the output to the
command channel (only print output from commands issued on console).
ecError: when failing to retrieve channel settings
self._issue_cmd('chan save')
self._issue_cmd('chan %d' % COMMAND_CHANNEL_MASK)
def _restore_channel(self):
"""Load saved channel setting"""
# To improve backward compatibility on EC images that do not have save/
# restore, set channel mask to power-on default before running restore.
# TODO(shawnn): Remove this line once all test units have new EC image.
self._issue_cmd('chan 0xffffffff')
self._issue_cmd('chan restore')
def _Get_board(self):
"""Getter of board.
The board string.
result = self._issue_cmd_get_results('ver', ['RO:\s+(\S*)_v?[\d.-]+'])[0]
if result is None:
raise ecError('Cannot retrieve the board result on EC console.')
return result[1]
def _Get_active_copy(self):
"""Getter of active_copy.
The string of the active EC copy, e.g. "RO", "RW", "RW_B".
result = self._issue_cmd_get_results('sysinfo', ['Copy:\s+(\S+)'])[0]
if result is None:
raise ecError('Cannot retrieve the active copy result on EC console.')
return result[1]
def _Get_system_powerstate(self):
"""Getter for the current powerstate
as reported by powerinfo command.
The powerinfo string.
result = self._issue_cmd_get_results('powerinfo',
['power state \d+ = (.*), in'])[0]
if result is None:
# TODO(coconutruben): in here, we might be able to detect if we're
# in G3, by seeking the right exception
raise ecError('Cannot retrieve the power state on EC console.')
return result[1]
def _Get_gpio(self):
"""Getter of current gpio settings.
ec gpios and their current state 1|0
result = self._issue_cmd_get_results('gpioget', ['gpioget.*>'])[0]
if result is None:
raise ecError('Cannot retrieve the ec gpios states on EC console.')
# [:-1] is to remove the trailing >
return '\n' + result.replace('gpioget', '').replace('\r', '')[:-1]
def _set_key_pressed(self, key_rc, pressed):
"""Press/release a key.
key_rc: Tuple containing row and column of the key.
pressed: 0=release, 1=press.
if key_rc is None:
self._issue_cmd('kbpress %d %d %d' % (key_rc + (pressed,)))
def _get_mx_ax_index(self, m, a):
"""Get the index of a kbd_mx_ax control.
m: Selection of kbd_m1 or kbd_m2. Note the value is 0/1, not 1/2.
a: Selection of a0 and a1.
return m * 2 + a + 1
def _set_both_keys(self, pressed):
"""Press/release both simulated key.
pressed: 0=release, 1=press.
m1_a0, m1_a1, m2_a0, m2_a1 = self._interface._uart_state['kbd'][1:5]
self._set_key_pressed(KEY_MATRIX[1][m2_a0][m2_a1], pressed)
self._set_key_pressed(KEY_MATRIX[0][m1_a0][m1_a1], pressed)
def _Set_kbd_en(self, value):
"""Enable/disable keypress simulation."""
org_value = self._interface._uart_state['kbd'][0]
if org_value == 0 and value == 1:
elif org_value == 1 and value == 0:
self._interface._uart_state['kbd'][0] = value
def _Get_kbd_en(self):
"""Retrieve keypress simulation enabled/disabled.
0: Keyboard emulation is disabled.
1: Keyboard emulation is enabled.
return self._interface._uart_state['kbd'][0]
def _Set_kbd_mx_ax(self, m, a, value):
"""Implementation of _Set_kbd_m*_a*
m: Selection of kbd_m1 or kbd_m2. Note the value is 0/1, not 1/2.
a: Selection of a0 and a1.
value: The new value to set.
org_value = self._interface._uart_state['kbd'][self._get_mx_ax_index(m, a)]
if self._Get_kbd_en() == 1 and org_value != value:
org_value = [
self._interface._uart_state['kbd'][self._get_mx_ax_index(m, 0)],
self._interface._uart_state['kbd'][self._get_mx_ax_index(m, 1)]
new_value = list(org_value)
new_value[a] = value
self._set_key_pressed(KEY_MATRIX[m][org_value[0]][org_value[1]], 0)
self._set_key_pressed(KEY_MATRIX[m][new_value[0]][new_value[1]], 1)
self._interface._uart_state['kbd'][self._get_mx_ax_index(m, a)] = value
def _Set_kbd_m1_a0(self, value):
"""Setter of kbd_m1_a0."""
self._Set_kbd_mx_ax(0, 0, value)
def _Get_kbd_m1_a0(self):
"""Getter of kbd_m1_a0."""
return self._interface._uart_state['kbd'][self._get_mx_ax_index(0, 0)]
def _Set_kbd_m1_a1(self, value):
"""Setter of kbd_m1_a1."""
self._Set_kbd_mx_ax(0, 1, value)
def _Get_kbd_m1_a1(self):
"""Getter of kbd_m1_a1."""
return self._interface._uart_state['kbd'][self._get_mx_ax_index(0, 1)]
def _Set_kbd_m2_a0(self, value):
"""Setter of kbd_m2_a0."""
self._Set_kbd_mx_ax(1, 0, value)
def _Get_kbd_m2_a0(self):
"""Getter of kbd_m2_a0."""
return self._interface._uart_state['kbd'][self._get_mx_ax_index(1, 0)]
def _Set_kbd_m2_a1(self, value):
"""Setter of kbd_m2_a1."""
self._Set_kbd_mx_ax(1, 1, value)
def _Get_kbd_m2_a1(self):
"""Getter of kbd_m2_a1."""
return self._interface._uart_state['kbd'][self._get_mx_ax_index(1, 1)]
def _Get_lid_open(self):
"""Getter of lid_open.
0: Lid closed.
1: Lid opened.
result = self._issue_cmd_get_results('lidstate',
['lid state: (open|closed)'])[0]
return 1 if result[1] == 'open' else 0
def _Set_lid_open(self, value):
"""Setter of lid_open.
value: 0=lid closed, 1=lid opened.
if value == 0:
def _Get_volume_up(self):
"""Getter of Volup for Ryu"""
result = self._issue_cmd_get_results('btnpress volup',
['Button volup pressed = (\d+)'])[0]
return int(result[1])
def _Set_volume_up(self, value):
"""Setter of Volup for Ryu
value: 1=button pressed, 0=button released
self._issue_cmd('btnpress volup %d' % int(value))
def _Get_volume_down(self):
"""Getter of Voldown for Ryu"""
result = self._issue_cmd_get_results('btnpress voldown',
['Button voldown pressed = (\d+)'])[0]
return int(result[1])
def _Set_volume_down(self, value):
"""Setter of Voldown for Ryu
value: 1=button pressed, 0=button released
self._issue_cmd('btnpress voldown %d' % int(value))
def _Set_button_hold(self, value):
"""Setter for a button hold on the ec.
'pwrbtn' or button for tablets/detachables.
value: number of ms to hold the volume button. Has to be at least 1.
if value < 1:
self._logger.error('Trying to set ec button press to %d ms. Overwriting '
'the value to be 1ms.', value)
value = 1
# One of 'button' or 'powerbtn'
cmd = self._params.get('ec_cmd')
# 'button' cmd requires vup|vdown or both while 'powerbtn' requires
# no args.
argline = self._params.get('ec_args', '')
ec_cmd = '%s %s %d' % (cmd, argline, value)
# Issuing a console command is async. Wait the button release.
def _Get_cpu_temp(self):
"""Getter of cpu_temp.
Reads CPU temperature through PECI. Only works when device is powered on.
CPU temperature in degree C.
result = self._issue_cmd_get_results(
'temps', ['PECI[ \t]*:[ \t]*[0-9]* K[ \t]*=[ \t]*([0-9]*)[ \t]*C'])[0]
if result is None:
raise ecError('Cannot retrieve CPU temperature.')
return result[1]
def _get_battery_values(self):
"""Retrieves various battery related values.
Battery command in the EC currently exposes the following information:
Temp: 0x0be1 = 304.1 K (31.0 C)
Device: S1
Chem: LION
Serial: 0x0000
V: 0x1ef7 = 7927 mV
V-desired: 0x20d0 = 8400 mV
V-design: 0x1ce8 = 7400 mV
I: 0x06a9 = 1705 mA(CHG)
I-desired: 0x06a4 = 1700 mA
Mode: 0x7f01
Charge: 66 %
Abs: 65 %
Remaining: 5489 mAh
Cap-full: 8358 mAh
Design: 8500 mAh
Time-full: 2h:47
Empty: 0h:0
This method currently returns a subset of above.
Dictionary where:
tempc: battery temperature in degC
mv: battery voltage in millivolts
ma: battery amps in milliamps
mw: battery power in milliwatts
charge_percent: battery charge in percent
charge_mah: battery charge in mAh
full_mah: battery last full charge in mAh
design_mah: battery design full capacity in mAh
results = self._issue_cmd_get_results('battery', [
r'Temp:[\s0-9a-fx]*= \d+\.\d+ K \((-*\d+\.\d+)',
r'V:[\s0-9a-fx]*= (-*\d+) mV',
r'I:[\s0-9a-fx]*= (-*\d+) mA',
r'Charge:\s*(\d+) %',
r'Remaining:\s*(\d+) mAh',
r'Cap-full:\s*(\d+) mAh',
r'Design:\s*(\d+) mAh',
result = {
'tempc': float(results[0][1]),
'mv': int(results[1][1], 0),
'ma': int(results[2][1], 0) * -1,
'charge_percent': int(results[3][1], 0),
'charge_mah': int(results[4][1], 0),
'full_mah': int(results[5][1], 0),
'design_mah': int(results[6][1], 0)
result['mw'] = result['ma'] * result['mv'] / 1000.0
return result
def _Get_battery_tempc(self):
"""Retrieves temperature measurements for the battery."""
return self._get_battery_values()['tempc']
def _Get_milliamps(self):
"""Retrieves current measurements for the battery."""
return self._get_battery_values()['ma']
def _Get_millivolts(self):
"""Retrieves voltage measurements for the battery."""
return self._get_battery_values()['mv']
def _Get_milliwatts(self):
"""Retrieves power measurements for the battery."""
return self._get_battery_values()['mw']
def _Get_battery_charge_percent(self):
"""Retrieves battery charge in percent for the battery."""
return self._get_battery_values()['charge_percent']
def _Get_battery_charge_mah(self):
"""Retrieves battery charge in mAh for the battery."""
return self._get_battery_values()['charge_mah']
def _Get_battery_full_charge_mah(self):
"""Retrieves battery last full charge in mAh for the battery."""
return self._get_battery_values()['full_mah']
def _Get_battery_full_design_mah(self):
"""Retrieves battery design full capacity in mAh for the battery."""
return self._get_battery_values()['design_mah']
def _get_pwr_avg(self):
"""Uses ec pwr_avg command to retrieve battery power average.
pwr_avg function provides a one minute power average based on battery data.
> pwr_avg
mv = xxxx
ma = xxxx
mw = xxxx
Dictionary where:
mv: battery voltage in millivolts
ma: battery amps in milliamps
mw: battery power in milliwatts
cmd = 'pwr_avg'
cmd_not_found_regex = "Command '%s' not found" % cmd
results = self._issue_cmd_get_results(cmd, [
r'mv = (-?\d+)[\r\n]+'
'ma = (-?\d+)[\r\n]+'
'mw = (-?\d+)[\r\n]+|%s' % cmd_not_found_regex
resultline = results[0]
if cmd_not_found_regex in resultline:
raise ecError('cmd |%s| is not available on the ec.' % cmd)
result = {
'mv': int(results[0][1], 0),
'ma': int(results[0][2], 0) * -1,
'mw': int(results[0][3], 0) * -1
return result
def _Get_avg_milliamps(self):
"""Retrieves one minute running avg current from the battery."""
return self._get_pwr_avg()['ma']
def _Get_avg_millivolts(self):
"""Retrieves one minute running avg voltage from the battery."""
return self._get_pwr_avg()['mv']
def _Get_avg_milliwatts(self):
"""Retrieves one minute running avg power from the battery."""
return self._get_pwr_avg()['mw']
def _get_fan_values(self):
"""Retrieve fan related values.
'faninfo' command in the EC exposes the following information:
Fan actual speed: 6694 rpm
target speed: 6600 rpm
duty cycle: 41%
status: 2
enabled: yes
powered: yes
This method returns a subset of above.
List [fan_act_rpm, fan_trg_rpm, fan_duty] where:
fan_act_rpm: Actual fan RPM.
fan_trg_rpm: Target fan RPM.
fan_duty: Current fan duty cycle.
results = self._issue_cmd_get_results('faninfo', [
'Actual:[ \t]*(\d+) rpm', 'Target:[ \t]*(\d+) rpm', 'Duty:[ \t]*(\d+)%'
return [int(results[0][1], 0), int(results[1][1], 0), int(results[2][1], 0)]
def _Get_fan_actual_rpm(self):
"""Retrieve actual fan RPM."""
return self._get_fan_values()[0]
def _Get_fan_target_rpm(self):
"""Retrieve target fan RPM."""
return self._get_fan_values()[1]
def _Get_fan_duty(self):
"""Retrieve current fan duty cycle."""
return self._get_fan_values()[2]
def _Set_fan_target_rpm(self, value):
"""Set target fan RPM.
This function sets target fan RPM or turns on auto fan control.
value: Non-negative values for target fan RPM. -1 is treated as maximum
fan speed. -2 is treated as auto fan speed control.
if value == -2:
# "-1" is treated as max fan RPM in EC, so we don't need to handle that
self._issue_cmd('fanset %d' % value)