hdctools: flip fw_up and rec_mode for Alex/Lumpy systems.

Alex systems have fw_up control and rec_mode reversed.  CL flips them
by adding an new 'remap' tag to the XML file.  Note, on x86 platforms
fw_up has no functionality so while there are two controls to
manipulate a single GPIO it should be benign in this case.

  1. connect servo V1 to Alex
  2. sudo servod
  3. dut-control rec_mode:on pwr_button:press sleep:0.3 pwr_button:release
  4. power-down Alex
  5. dut-control rec_mode:off pwr_button:press sleep:0.3 pwr_button:release
  6. Alex boots normally

Repeat using servo V2 & Lumpy as well.
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