servod ec3po: Update third_party/hdctools/ side of ec3po to use

This removes direct use of the multiprocessing module from the
third_party/hdctools/ side of ec3po, thereby removing its direct use from
servod.  Once this is checked in, can be updated with
threading-oriented implementations.

TEST=With a servo_micro connected to an octopus_ite, functionality
involving the EC console continues to work.  I tested dut-control
ec_uart_pty (including using the UART with minicom), dut_i2c_mux,
enable_ite_dfu, get_ite_chipid commands.  Additionally, servod shutdown via
either ctrl+c or SIGTERM still happens correctly, without any delay,
leftover processes, or tracebacks.

Change-Id: I5c7593c009c8db927db4142ada2153d9679cb5c3
Signed-off-by: Matthew Blecker <>
Reviewed-by: Ruben Rodriguez Buchillon <>
1 file changed