servo: Use ec reboot wait-ext for power_state:rec

EC_IN_RW signal is used to determine if the switch to dev mode can be
safely made. However, EC_IN_RW needs the EC_RST_L line driven low in
order to be reset. In faft tests that utilize crosEcSoftrecPower
method, EC_RST_L is not being driven by servo to fix other test
failures related to keeping EC and AC reboots in sync.

This CL modifies crosEcSoftrecPower to use the wait-ext option when
initializing an EC reset to to enter recovery mode. If the wait-ext
option fails, then the command 'reboot ap-off' will be issued.

TEST=Ran "/usr/bin/test_that --board=coral <ip addr> firmware_DevMode"
mutliple times and verified that it passes. Previoulsy, this test
always fails when the EC is in RW before it starts. Also verified
platform_ServoPowerStateController_USBPluggedin passed.

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