HDCTOOLS: Finish up build polishing


  This change finishes the clean up of the build process:

    o Makefile

      Recurse to 'servo', and rely on 'servo' to recurse to its

    o servo/Makefile

      This makefile was not used.  It is completely replaced.

    o servo/drv/Makefile

      This new makefile uses an implicit rule to copy the python files
      to the build directory.

    o servo/data/Makefile

      This now builds the xml files for 'wario' and 'servo_loc' in the
      build directory.  It also uses an implicit rule to copy the
      already-existing xml files into the build directory.

    o src/Makefile

      Most of the original contents of this file have been moved to
      the common include files.

      The 'install' target now uses a single command instead of a
      'for' loop to copy files to the install directory.

      Files that were implicitly built, and automatically deleted by
      Make are marked as secondary files so that they won't be
      deleted.  This improves the NULL build performance.

      Dependency files are automatically generated by the compiler
      options (-MD), and included in the Makefile with '-include *.d'.

    o setup.py

      This script now uses the 'build' directory tree instead of the
      source tree for the installation phase.


  Build tegra2_kaen chromium-os
  Build x86-mario chromium-os

  Other ideas?

TEST=See above.

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