servo: add support for new lucid with swd flex

The new rev of lucid uses the swd servoflex instead of the cosmos flex.
This change replaces the old lucid overlay with one that uses the swd
flex and adds an overlay for the lucid boards that use cosmos.

TEST=use 'servod -b lucidcosmos' works with the old boards, and 'servod
-b lucid' works with the current boards.

Change-Id: Ifbabe785c3895ad2874086c827e3788b594b6dd2
Signed-off-by: Mary Ruthven <>
Reviewed-by: Aseda Aboagye <>
Reviewed-by: Todd Broch <>
(cherry picked from commit 6c60bc18aa21f263ed1b3710957bcb6f33932775)
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