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# Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Defines the interfaces for the different servo models."""
import collections
INTERFACE_DEFAULTS = collections.defaultdict(dict)
SERVO_ID_DEFAULTS = [(0x0403, 0x6011), (0x0403, 0x6014), (0x18d1, 0x5001),
(0x18d1, 0x5002), (0x18d1, 0x5004)]
# servo v1 w/o FT4232h EEPROM programmed
INTERFACE_DEFAULTS[0x0403][0x6011] = ['ftdi_gpio', 'ftdi_i2c',
'ftdi_gpio', 'ftdi_gpio']
# servo v1
INTERFACE_DEFAULTS[0x18d1][0x5001] = ['ftdi_gpio', 'ftdi_i2c',
'ftdi_gpio', 'ftdi_gpio']
# servo V2
# Dummy interface 0 == JTAG via openocd
# Dummy interface 4,5 == SPI via flashrom
INTERFACE_DEFAULTS[0x18d1][0x5002] = \
['dummy', 'ftdi_i2c', 'ftdi_uart', 'ftdi_uart', 'dummy',
'dummy', 'ftdi_uart', 'ftdi_uart']
# servo v3
INTERFACE_DEFAULTS[0x18d1][0x5004] = \
{'name': 'dev_i2c', 'bus_num': 1},
{'name': 'bb_uart', 'uart_num': 5,
'txd': ['lcd_data8', 0x4], 'rxd': ['lcd_data9', 0x4]},
{'name': 'dev_i2c', 'bus_num': 2},
{'name': 'bb_uart', 'uart_num': 1},
{'name': 'bb_uart', 'uart_num': 2}]
INTERFACE_DEFAULTS[0x0403][0x6014] = INTERFACE_DEFAULTS[0x18d1][0x5004]
# miniservo
MINISERVO_ID_DEFAULTS = [(0x403, 0x6001), (0x18d1, 0x5000)]
for vid, pid in MINISERVO_ID_DEFAULTS:
INTERFACE_DEFAULTS[vid][pid] = ['ftdi_gpiouart']
# Toad
TOAD_ID_DEFAULTS = [(0x403, 0x6015)]
for vid, pid in TOAD_ID_DEFAULTS:
INTERFACE_DEFAULTS[vid][pid] = ['ftdi_gpiouart']
# Reston
RESTON_ID_DEFAULTS = [(0x18d1, 0x5007)]
for vid, pid in RESTON_ID_DEFAULTS:
INTERFACE_DEFAULTS[vid][pid] = ['ftdi_gpiouart']
# Fruitpie
FRUITPIE_ID_DEFAULTS = [(0x18d1, 0x5009)]
for vid, pid in FRUITPIE_ID_DEFAULTS:
INTERFACE_DEFAULTS[vid][pid] = ['ftdi_gpiouart']
# Plankton
PLANKTON_ID_DEFAULTS = [(0x18d1, 0x500c)]
for vid, pid in PLANKTON_ID_DEFAULTS:
INTERFACE_DEFAULTS[vid][pid] = ['ftdi_gpiouart']
# Allow Board overrides of interfaces as we've started to overload some servo V2
# pinout functionality. To-date just swapping EC SPI interface for USB PD MCU
# TODO(tbroch) See about availability of extra uart on Servo V3/beaglebone
INTERFACE_BOARDS = collections.defaultdict(
lambda: collections.defaultdict(dict))
# samus re-purposes EC SPI to be USB PD UART
INTERFACE_BOARDS['samus'][0x18d1][0x5002] = \
INTERFACE_BOARDS['samus'][0x18d1][0x5002][5] = 'ftdi_uart'
# Ryu re-purposes EC SPI to be Sensor Hub UART
INTERFACE_BOARDS['ryu'][0x18d1][0x5002] = \
INTERFACE_BOARDS['ryu'][0x18d1][0x5002][5] = 'ftdi_uart'