hdtools: servod: nicer warning error messaging for unrecognized device.

I recently add smarts for servod to figure out which board version and
rev its connected to.  There are few boards out in the field that may
not have their eeprom programmed correctly.

This CL makes it possible for users of those boards to continue to use
them w/o it being necessary to re-program the EEPROM.  The will need
to explicitly include the config files as servod will not be able to
determine that correctly.


run on mini-servo with missing iserial field

sudo servod
  2012-03-26 19:17:40,981 - servod-2.6 - WARNING - Unable to determine
  configs to load for board version = None

then fails w/

  servo.servod.ServodError: Must supply at least one config file ( -c
  <file> )

sudo servod -c miniservo.xml


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