hdctools: Moved USB Disk Management to Servod from Autoserv

Moved the code segments involving USB disk detection and image downloading to
Servo_server. Now if autoserv is given an image_path, servo_server will probe
for the servo USB device and transfer the image either from the local path or
a publicly visible URL. Also created a method called
make_image_noninteractive in order to make the installation process not require
USB disconnection for reboot.

Portions of install_recovery_image in /files/server/cros/servo.py will
deprecated as a result. Also probe_host_usb_dev in servo.py will need to
be removed in the future once the firmware tests are rewritten.

TEST=Ran locally using modified autotest with a local image, an image hosted in
my www folder, and without a USB device connected to servo.
Can be ran through python and xmlrpc. Start servod and in a python shell
run (note image path will differ based on your image location):

import xmlrpclib
remote_uri = 'http://localhost:9999'
client = xmlrpclib.ServerProxy(remote_uri, verbose=False)

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