Fizz: Use button to trigger recovery mode

Currently, Fizz EC jumps to RW earlier than it opens console. By the
time a host command is sent to set recovery event, EC is already in
RW. Thus, dut-control power_state:rec fails.

This patch makes 'dut-control power_state:rec' toggle recovery button
('rec_mode') instead of sending a host command to set recovery event.

TEST=cros_workon hdctool, launch servod, then verify
'dut-control power_state:rec' puts a DUT into recovery mode.

Change-Id: I7b0d019a5f3d08ae8d9141e91ebfe547792b1ec4
Signed-off-by: Daisuke Nojiri <>
Reviewed-by: Wai-Hong Tam <>
Reviewed-by: Todd Broch <>
1 file changed