servo_micro: add usbpd aliases

This can be used for chocodile flashing, or other flash_ec
functionality that uses the pd uart.

TEST=flash_ec on chocodile, all dut controls worked.

Change-Id: I751aec722223cbf62d61a69b8328ab36cd6998ad
Commit-Ready: Nick Sanders <>
Tested-by: Nick Sanders <>
Reviewed-by: David Schneider <>
Reviewed-by: Mary Ruthven <>
diff --git a/servo/data/servo_micro.xml b/servo/data/servo_micro.xml
index fb3b2e4..e2f6370 100644
--- a/servo/data/servo_micro.xml
+++ b/servo/data/servo_micro.xml
@@ -230,12 +230,14 @@
+    <alias>usbpd_boot_mode</alias>
     <doc>dev_mode GPIO</doc>
     <params interface="2" drv="tca6416" slv="0x20" od="PU" port="1"
     offset="5" map="onoff"></params>
+    <alias>usbpd_reset</alias>
     <doc>DUT specific.</doc>
     <params interface="2" drv="tca6416" slv="0x20" od="PU" port="1"
     offset="6" map="onoff_i" init="off"></params>
@@ -389,6 +391,7 @@
+    <alias>fpmcu_uart_en,usbpd_uart_en</alias>
     <doc>Dummy control. Controlled by usbpd_uart_routing instead.</doc>
     <params interface="9" drv="na" subtype="not_applicable" map="onoff"
     clobber_ok="" />