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# Copyright 2015 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# for use with servo INA adapter board. If measuring via servo V1 this can just
# be ignored. clobber_ok added if user wishes to include servo_loc.xml
# additionally.
inline = """
<doc>valid mux values for DUT's two banks of INA219 off PCA9540
<params clobber_ok="" none="0" bank0="4" bank1="5"></params>
<doc>4 to 1 mux to steer remote i2c i2c_mux:rem to two sets of
16 INA219 ADCs. Note they are only on leg0 and leg1</doc>
<params clobber_ok="" interface="2" drv="pca9546" slv="0x70"
inas = [(0x40, 'pp3000_always', 3.8, 1, 'loc0', True),
(0x41, 'pp3000_ec', 3, 1, 'loc0', True),
(0x42, 'pplcd', 3.8, 0.02, 'loc0', True),
(0x43, 'pp1800_lcd', 1.8, 0.02, 'loc0', True),
(0x44, 'pp3300', 3.8, 0.1, 'loc0', True),
(0x45, 'pp1200', 3.8, 0.1, 'loc0', True),
(0x46, 'pp3300_wifi', 3.3, 0.1, 'loc0', True),
(0x47, 'pp3300_sensorhub', 3.3, 0.1, 'loc0', True),
(0x48, 'ppvar_sys_pmic', 3.8, 0.01, 'loc0', True),
(0x49, 'ppvbat', 3.8, 0.02, 'loc0', True)]