Add usbkm232 support for ninja and sumo

TEST=Compiled, verified
Signed-off-by: Ted Kuo <>

Change-Id: I75eaed03098d225ac13e063e465ae0cf85b8e1dc
Tested-by: Ted Kuo <>
Reviewed-by: Shawn N <>
Commit-Queue: Ted Kuo <>
diff --git a/servo/ b/servo/
index 6757d13..02749b3 100755
--- a/servo/
+++ b/servo/
@@ -133,8 +133,8 @@
     elif board == 'stout':
       return keyboard_handlers.StoutHandler(servo)
     elif board in ('cranky', 'guado', 'jecht', 'mccloud', 'monroe',
-                   'nyan_kitty', 'panther', 'rikku', 'tidus', 'tricky',
-                   'zako'):
+                   'ninja', 'nyan_kitty', 'panther', 'rikku', 'sumo',
+                   'tidus', 'tricky', 'zako'):
       if self._usbkm232 is None:
         logging.warn("No device path specified for usbkm232 handler. Returning "
                      "the DefaultHandler, which is likely the wrong keyboard "