servo v2: change spi_hold to open-drain and init to off.

spi_hold is defined as a open-drain output so it shouldn't actively
drive 'high' value but instead rely on pull-up from DUT.


  sudo servod -b chell
  boot chell device from S5 successfully

Change-Id: Iff31454ec8a5f42e254be134c8c50ca385d46fdd
Commit-Ready: Todd Broch <>
Tested-by: Todd Broch <>
Reviewed-by: Aaron Durbin <>
diff --git a/servo/data/servo_v2_r0.xml b/servo/data/servo_v2_r0.xml
index d334aa1..72d8bbd 100644
--- a/servo/data/servo_v2_r0.xml
+++ b/servo/data/servo_v2_r0.xml
@@ -203,8 +203,8 @@
-    <params interface="2" drv="tca6416" slv="0x20" port="1"
-    offset="0" map="onoff_i"></params>
+    <params interface="2" drv="tca6416" slv="0x20" od="PU" port="1"
+    offset="0" map="onoff_i" init="off"></params>