[hdctools] power cycle USB when switching usb_mux_sel1 and restore power state.

This CL includes the following changes to

1. Power cycle the USB stick when switching 'usb_mux_sel1', because the USB
sometimes got wedged when the USB power is on.

2. Record the initial state of prtctl4_pwren and restore it at the end of
the function.

Hopefully, this can fix, or at least reduce, the occurrence of issue 225932.

TEST=Test the repair flow from four initial USB mux states
usb_mux_sel1:dut_sees_usbkey prtctl4_pwren:on
usb_mux_sel1:servo_sees_usbkey prtctl4_pwren:on
usb_mux_sel1:dut_sees_usbkey prtctl4_pwren:off
usb_mux_sel1:servo_sees_usbkey prtctl4_pwren:off

Confirm that after each case, the repair job succeeds
and 'dut-control prtctl4_pwren' reports 'prtctl4_pwren:off'

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