Revert "CHROMIUM: Renormalize after iwl7000 Kconfig changes"

This reverts commit a2fcd62602b8ae6406adc900a653676f91b06d86.
Core31 update to the iwl7000 driver pulled in an iwl7000-specific
implementation of cfg80211, iwl7000_cfg80211.ko, which provides the
same functionality as cfg80211.ko and cannot co-exist with it.
cfg80211.ko was disabled on Intel systems.
Core35 restores the iwl7000 driver to using stock cfg80211, so re-add
the iwl7000->cfg80211 and related dependencies, make sure iwl7000 and other
wifi modules can co-exist on pineview configs.

TEST=build and boot on meowth

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(cherry picked from commit 2532e431e5aca37a83382eef5526685d6e20a062)

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