CHROMIUM: kaiser: paranoid_entry pass cr3 need to paranoid_exit

Neel Natu points out that paranoid_entry() was wrong to assume that
an entry that did not need swapgs would not need SWITCH_KERNEL_CR3:
paranoid_entry (used for debug breakpoint, int3, double fault or MCE;
though I think it's only the MCE case that is cause for concern here)
can break in at an awkward time, between cr3 switch and swapgs, but
its handling always needs kernel gs and kernel cr3.

Easy to fix in itself, but paranoid_entry() also needs to convey to
paranoid_exit() (and my reading of macro idtentry says paranoid_entry
and paranoid_exit are always paired) how to restore the prior state.
The swapgs state is already conveyed by %ebx (0 or 1), so extend that
also to convey when SWITCH_USER_CR3 will be needed (2 or 3).

(Yes, I'd much prefer that 0 meant no swapgs, whereas it's the other
way round: and a convention shared with error_entry() and error_exit(),
which I don't want to touch.  Perhaps I should have inverted the bit
for switch cr3 too, but did not.)

paranoid_exit() would be straightforward, except for TRACE_IRQS: it
did TRACE_IRQS_IRETQ when doing swapgs, but TRACE_IRQS_IRETQ_DEBUG
when not: which is it supposed to use when SWITCH_USER_CR3 is split
apart from that?  As best as I can determine, commit 5963e317b1e9
("ftrace/x86: Do not change stacks in DEBUG when calling lockdep")
missed the swapgs case, and should have used TRACE_IRQS_IRETQ_DEBUG
there too (the discrepancy has nothing to do with the liberal use
just been used in all cases); discrepancy lovingly preserved across
several paranoid_exit() cleanups, but I'm now removing it.

Neel further indicates that to use SWITCH_USER_CR3_NO_STACK there in
paranoid_exit() is now not only unnecessary but unsafe: might corrupt
syscall entry's unsafe_stack_register_backup of %rax.  Just use
SWITCH_USER_CR3: and delete SWITCH_USER_CR3_NO_STACK altogether,
before we make the mistake of using it again.

TEST=Build, deploy on soraka.

Originally-from: Dave Hansen <>

hughd adds: this commit fixes an issue in the Kaiser-without-PCIDs
part of the series, and ought to be moved earlier, if you decided
to make a release of Kaiser-without-PCIDs.

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