FROMLIST: sched/fair: scale quota and period without losing quota/period ratio precision

quota/period ratio is used to ensure a child task group won't get more
bandwidth than the parent task group, and is calculated as:
normalized_cfs_quota() = [(quota_us << 20) / period_us]

If the quota/period ratio was changed during this scaling due to
precision loss, it will cause inconsistency between parent and child
task groups. See below example:
A userspace container manager (kubelet) does three operations:
1) Create a parent cgroup, set quota to 1,000us and period to 10,000us.
2) Create a few children cgroups.
3) Set quota to 1,000us and period to 10,000us on a child cgroup.

These operations are expected to succeed. However, if the scaling of
147/128 happens before step 3), quota and period of the parent cgroup
will be changed:
new_quota: 1148437ns, 1148us
new_period: 11484375ns, 11484us

And when step 3) comes in, the ratio of the child cgroup will be 104857,
which will be larger than the parent cgroup ratio (104821), and will

Scaling them by a factor of 2 will fix the problem.

Fixes: 2e8e19226398 ("sched/fair: Limit sched_cfs_period_timer() loop to avoid hard lockup")
Signed-off-by: Xuewei Zhang <>
(am from

TEST=Manually verified with repro at b/140873154

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