Revert "BACKPORT: media: vicodec: Introducing stateless fwht defs and structs"

This reverts commit a271ba3ecc1f4f5a7cea2ec167a2a76b843b3016.

I have no idea what this backport is about, since CONFIG_VIDEO_VICODEC
isn't enabled in any of our configurations. Either case, it doesn't even
compile with the patch that is being reverted here.

drivers/media/platform/vicodec/vicodec-core.c:63:21: error:
	variable 'pixfmt_fwht' has initializer but incomplete type

A brief glance suggests that context patches such as commit cd12b401adc3c
("media: vicodec: split off v4l2 specific parts for the codec") are
missing. If the patch is indeed needed, it should be backported properly
and at the very least be compile tested.


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