CHROMIUM: alt-syscall: override setpriority syscall for Android

When running in the android container, Android needs to set the nice
level favorably for some processes.  However this messes with the
existing priority scheme in Chrome OS.  For instance we don't want to
favor Android's audio threads over Chrome's.  We also shouldn't put
Android's Display at a much higher level than the Chrome's.  To solve
this, scale Android's favorable nice levels by a factor of two.  This
makes puts Android's audio threads at the same value and display threads
slightly less favorable than Chrome's

TEST=check thread prios while running audio from Android on Minnie.

Change-Id: I430753266c7dbe593cc5f5985b413472446709f1
Signed-off-by: Dylan Reid <>
Reviewed-by: Zach Reizner <>
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