Revert "CHROMIUM: iwl7000: pcie: fix RF-Kill vs. firmware load race"

This patch reverts commit a2575ed2db3ae2c9c3d535eea3f69823e059d22b.
The commit introduce iwl_enable_fw_load_int, which modifies the
hardware interrupt register via tran_pcie->inta_mask, from the ISR.
This causes a race condition where the ISR thread overwrites the
register value from the main thread, when the main thread calls
iwl_enable_interrupts. As a result, the alive interrupt is masked
in hardware. The driver times out on not receiving the alive interrupt
from the NIC, and there is no wifi on resuming from a suspend.

TEST=`suspend_stress_test -c 500` for 20 times on an i3 and i7 samus.

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