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* Rockchip VPU codec driver
* Copyright (C) 2014 Google, Inc.
* Tomasz Figa <>
* Based on s5p-mfc driver by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
* Copyright (C) 2011 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
* This software is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public
* License version 2, as published by the Free Software Foundation, and
* may be copied, distributed, and modified under those terms.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
/* Enable debugging by default for now. */
#define DEBUG
#include <linux/platform_device.h>
#include <linux/videodev2.h>
#include <linux/wait.h>
#include <media/v4l2-ctrls.h>
#include <media/v4l2-device.h>
#include <media/v4l2-event.h>
#include <media/v4l2-ioctl.h>
#include <media/videobuf2-core.h>
#include <media/videobuf2-dma-contig.h>
#include "rockchip_vpu_hw.h"
#define V4L2_CID_CUSTOM_BASE (V4L2_CID_USER_BASE | 0x1000)
#define MB_DIM 16
#define MB_WIDTH(x_size) DIV_ROUND_UP(x_size, MB_DIM)
#define MB_HEIGHT(y_size) DIV_ROUND_UP(y_size, MB_DIM)
#define SB_DIM 64
#define SB_WIDTH(x_size) DIV_ROUND_UP(x_size, SB_DIM)
#define SB_HEIGHT(y_size) DIV_ROUND_UP(y_size, SB_DIM)
struct rockchip_vpu_ctx;
struct rockchip_vpu_codec_ops;
* struct rockchip_vpu_variant - information about VPU hardware variant
* @enc_offset: Offset from VPU base to encoder registers.
* @dec_offset: Offset from VPU base to decoder registers.
* @needs_enc_after_dec_war: Needs dummy encoder.
* @needs_dpb_map: Needs dpb reorder mapping.
* @enc_fmts: Encoder formats.
* @num_enc_fmts: Number of encoder formats.
* @dec_fmts: Decoder formats.
* @num_dec_fmts: Number of decoder formats.
* @mode_ops: Codec ops.
* @hw_probe: Probe hardware.
* @clk_enable: Enable clocks.
* @clk_disable: Disable clocks.
struct rockchip_vpu_variant {
unsigned enc_offset;
unsigned dec_offset;
bool needs_enc_after_dec_war;
bool needs_dpb_map;
const struct rockchip_vpu_fmt *enc_fmts;
unsigned num_enc_fmts;
const struct rockchip_vpu_fmt *dec_fmts;
unsigned num_dec_fmts;
const struct rockchip_vpu_codec_ops *mode_ops;
int (*hw_probe)(struct rockchip_vpu_dev *vpu);
void (*clk_enable)(struct rockchip_vpu_dev *vpu);
void (*clk_disable)(struct rockchip_vpu_dev *vpu);
* enum rockchip_vpu_codec_mode - codec operating mode.
* @RK_VPU_CODEC_NONE: No operating mode. Used for RAW video formats.
* @RK_VPU_CODEC_H264D: H264 decoder.
* @RK_VPU_CODEC_VP8D: VP8 decoder.
* @RK_VPU_CODEC_VP9D: VP9 decoder.
* @RK_VPU_CODEC_H264E: H264 encoder.
* @RK_VPU_CODEC_VP8E: VP8 encoder.
enum rockchip_vpu_codec_mode {
* enum rockchip_vpu_plane - indices of planes inside a VB2 buffer.
* @PLANE_Y: Plane containing luminance data (also denoted as Y).
* @PLANE_CB_CR: Plane containing interleaved chrominance data (also
* denoted as CbCr).
* @PLANE_CB: Plane containing CB part of chrominance data.
* @PLANE_CR: Plane containing CR part of chrominance data.
enum rockchip_vpu_plane {
PLANE_Y = 0,
* struct rockchip_vpu_vp8e_buf_data - mode-specific per-buffer data
* @dct_offset: Offset inside the buffer to DCT partition.
* @hdr_size: Size of header data in the buffer.
* @ext_hdr_size: Size of ext header data in the buffer.
* @dct_size: Size of DCT partition in the buffer.
* @header: Frame header to copy to destination buffer.
struct rockchip_vpu_vp8e_buf_data {
size_t dct_offset;
size_t hdr_size;
size_t ext_hdr_size;
size_t dct_size;
* struct rockchip_vpu_buf - Private data related to each VB2 buffer.
* @b: Pointer to related VB2 buffer.
* @list: List head for queuing in buffer queue.
struct rockchip_vpu_buf {
struct vb2_v4l2_buffer b;
struct list_head list;
/* Mode-specific data. */
union {
struct rockchip_vpu_vp8e_buf_data vp8e;
* enum rockchip_vpu_state - bitwise flags indicating hardware state.
* @VPU_RUNNING: The hardware has been programmed for operation
* and is running at the moment.
* @VPU_SUSPENDED: System is entering sleep state and no more runs
* should be executed on hardware.
enum rockchip_vpu_state {
* struct rockchip_vpu_dev - driver data
* @v4l2_dev: V4L2 device to register video devices for.
* @vfd_dec: Video device for decoder.
* @vfd_enc: Video device for encoder.
* @pdev: Pointer to VPU platform device.
* @dev: Pointer to device for convenient logging using
* dev_ macros.
* @alloc_ctx: VB2 allocator context
* (for allocations without kernel mapping).
* @alloc_ctx_vm: VB2 allocator context
* (for allocations with kernel mapping).
* @aclk: Handle of ACLK clock.
* @hclk: Handle of HCLK clock.
* @sclk_cabac: Handle of SCLK CA clock.
* @sclk_core: Handle of SCLK CORE clock.
* @base: Mapped address of VPU registers.
* @enc_base: Mapped address of VPU encoder register for convenience.
* @dec_base: Mapped address of VPU decoder register for convenience.
* @vpu_mutex: Mutex to synchronize V4L2 calls.
* @irqlock: Spinlock to synchronize access to data structures
* shared with interrupt handlers.
* @state: Device state.
* @ready_ctxs: List of contexts ready to run.
* @variant: Hardware variant-specific parameters.
* @current_ctx: Context being currently processed by hardware.
* @run_wq: Wait queue to wait for run completion.
* @watchdog_work: Delayed work for hardware timeout handling.
* @dummy_encode_ctx: Context used to run dummy frame encoding to initialize
* encoder hardware state.
* @dummy_encode_src: Source buffers used for dummy frame encoding.
* @dummy_encode_dst: Desintation buffer used for dummy frame encoding.
* @was_decoding: Indicates whether last run context was a decoder.
struct rockchip_vpu_dev {
struct v4l2_device v4l2_dev;
struct video_device *vfd_dec;
struct video_device *vfd_enc;
struct platform_device *pdev;
struct device *dev;
void *alloc_ctx;
void *alloc_ctx_vm;
struct clk *aclk;
struct clk *hclk;
struct clk *sclk_cabac;
struct clk *sclk_core;
void __iomem *base;
void __iomem *enc_base;
void __iomem *dec_base;
struct mutex vpu_mutex; /* video_device lock */
spinlock_t irqlock;
unsigned long state;
struct list_head ready_ctxs;
const struct rockchip_vpu_variant *variant;
struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *current_ctx;
wait_queue_head_t run_wq;
struct delayed_work watchdog_work;
struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *dummy_encode_ctx;
struct rockchip_vpu_aux_buf dummy_encode_src[VIDEO_MAX_PLANES];
struct rockchip_vpu_aux_buf dummy_encode_dst;
bool was_decoding;
* struct rockchip_vpu_run_ops - per context operations on run data.
* @prepare_run: Called when the context was selected for running
* to prepare operating mode specific data.
* @run_done: Called when hardware completed the run to collect
* operating mode specific data from hardware and
* finalize the processing.
struct rockchip_vpu_run_ops {
void (*prepare_run)(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *);
void (*run_done)(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *, enum vb2_buffer_state);
* struct rockchip_vpu_vp8e_run - per-run data specific to VP8 encoding.
* @reg_params: Pointer to a buffer containing register values prepared
* by user space.
struct rockchip_vpu_vp8e_run {
const struct rockchip_reg_params *reg_params;
* struct rockchip_vpu_vp8d_run - per-run data specific to VP8 decoding.
* @frame_hdr: Pointer to a buffer containing per-run frame data which
* is needed by setting vpu register.
struct rockchip_vpu_vp8d_run {
const struct v4l2_ctrl_vp8_frame_hdr *frame_hdr;
* struct rockchip_vpu_h264d_run - per-run data specific to H264 decoding.
* @sps: Pointer to a buffer containing H264 SPS.
* @pps: Pointer to a buffer containing H264 PPS.
* @scaling_matrix: Pointer to a buffer containing scaling matrix.
* @slice_param: Pointer to a buffer containing slice parameters array.
* @decode_param: Pointer to a buffer containing decode parameters.
* @dpb: Array of DPB entries reordered to keep POC order, (valid
* only if needs_dpb_map of hardware variant is true).
* @dpb_map: Map of indices used in ref_pic_list_* into indices to
* reordered DPB array, (valid only if needs_dpb_map of
* hardware variant is true).
struct rockchip_vpu_h264d_run {
const struct v4l2_ctrl_h264_sps *sps;
const struct v4l2_ctrl_h264_pps *pps;
const struct v4l2_ctrl_h264_scaling_matrix *scaling_matrix;
const struct v4l2_ctrl_h264_slice_param *slice_param;
const struct v4l2_ctrl_h264_decode_param *decode_param;
struct v4l2_h264_dpb_entry dpb[16];
u8 dpb_map[16];
* struct rockchip_vpu_h264e_run - per-run data specific to H264 encoding.
struct rockchip_vpu_h264e_run {
const struct rockchip_reg_params *reg_params;
* struct rockchip_vpu_vp9d_run - per-run data specific to vp9
* decoding.
* @dec_param: Pointer to a buffer containing per-run frame data
* which is needed by setting vpu register.
struct rockchip_vpu_vp9d_run {
const struct v4l2_ctrl_vp9_frame_hdr *frame_hdr;
const struct v4l2_ctrl_vp9_decode_param *dec_param;
struct v4l2_ctrl_vp9_entropy *entropy;
struct rockchip_vpu_jpege_run {
u8 lumin_quant_tbl[ROCKCHIP_JPEG_QUANT_ELE_SIZE];
u8 chroma_quant_tbl[ROCKCHIP_JPEG_QUANT_ELE_SIZE];
#define FIELD(word, bit) (32 * (word) + (bit))
#define WRITE_HEADER(value, buffer, field) \
write_header(value, buffer, field ## _OFF, field ## _LEN)
void write_header(u32 value, u32 *buffer, u32 offset, u32 len);
* struct rockchip_vpu_run - per-run data for hardware code.
* @src: Source buffer to be processed.
* @dst: Destination buffer to be processed.
* @priv_src: Hardware private source buffer.
* @priv_dst: Hardware private destination buffer.
struct rockchip_vpu_run {
/* Generic for more than one operating mode. */
struct rockchip_vpu_buf *src;
struct rockchip_vpu_buf *dst;
struct rockchip_vpu_aux_buf priv_src;
struct rockchip_vpu_aux_buf priv_dst;
/* Specific for particular operating modes. */
union {
struct rockchip_vpu_vp8e_run vp8e;
struct rockchip_vpu_vp8d_run vp8d;
struct rockchip_vpu_h264d_run h264d;
struct rockchip_vpu_h264e_run h264e;
struct rockchip_vpu_vp9d_run vp9d;
struct rockchip_vpu_jpege_run jpege;
/* Other modes will need different data. */
* struct rockchip_vpu_ctx - Context (instance) private data.
* @dev: VPU driver data to which the context belongs.
* @fh: V4L2 file handler.
* @vpu_src_fmt: Descriptor of active source format.
* @src_fmt: V4L2 pixel format of active source format.
* @vpu_dst_fmt: Descriptor of active destination format.
* @dst_fmt: V4L2 pixel format of active destination format.
* @vq_src: Videobuf2 source queue.
* @src_queue: Internal source buffer queue.
* @src_crop: Configured source crop rectangle (encoder-only).
* @vq_dst: Videobuf2 destination queue
* @dst_queue: Internal destination buffer queue.
* @dst_bufs: Private buffers wrapping VB2 buffers (destination).
* @flush_buf: Dummy buffer for CMD_STOP flushing purposes.
* @ctrls: Array containing pointer to registered controls.
* @ctrl_handler: Control handler used to register controls.
* @num_ctrls: Number of registered controls.
* @list: List head for queue of ready contexts.
* @run: Structure containing data about currently scheduled
* processing run.
* @run_ops: Set of operations related to currently scheduled run.
* @hw: Structure containing hardware-related context.
* @stopped: Context received CMD_STOP {de,en}coder command.
struct rockchip_vpu_ctx {
struct rockchip_vpu_dev *dev;
struct v4l2_fh fh;
/* Format info */
const struct rockchip_vpu_fmt *vpu_src_fmt;
struct v4l2_pix_format_mplane src_fmt;
const struct rockchip_vpu_fmt *vpu_dst_fmt;
struct v4l2_pix_format_mplane dst_fmt;
/* VB2 queue data */
struct vb2_queue vq_src;
struct list_head src_queue;
struct v4l2_rect src_crop;
struct vb2_queue vq_dst;
struct list_head dst_queue;
struct vb2_buffer *dst_bufs[VIDEO_MAX_FRAME];
struct rockchip_vpu_buf flush_buf;
/* Controls */
struct v4l2_ctrl *ctrls[ROCKCHIP_VPU_MAX_CTRLS];
struct v4l2_ctrl_handler ctrl_handler;
unsigned num_ctrls;
/* Various runtime data */
struct list_head list;
struct rockchip_vpu_run run;
const struct rockchip_vpu_run_ops *run_ops;
struct rockchip_vpu_hw_ctx hw;
bool stopped;
* struct rockchip_vpu_fmt - information about supported video formats.
* @name: Human readable name of the format.
* @fourcc: FourCC code of the format. See V4L2_PIX_FMT_*.
* @codec_mode: Codec mode related to this format. See
* enum rockchip_vpu_codec_mode.
* @num_planes: Number of planes used by this format.
* @depth: Depth of each plane in bits per pixel.
* @enc_fmt: Format identifier for encoder registers.
* @frmsize: Supported range of frame sizes (only for bitstream formats).
struct rockchip_vpu_fmt {
char *name;
u32 fourcc;
enum rockchip_vpu_codec_mode codec_mode;
int num_planes;
enum rk3288_vpu_enc_fmt enc_fmt;
struct v4l2_frmsize_stepwise frmsize;
* struct rockchip_vpu_control - information about controls to be registered.
* @id: Control ID.
* @type: Type of the control.
* @name: Human readable name of the control.
* @minimum: Minimum value of the control.
* @maximum: Maximum value of the control.
* @step: Control value increase step.
* @menu_skip_mask: Mask of invalid menu positions.
* @default_value: Initial value of the control.
* @max_stores: Maximum number of configration stores.
* @dims: Size of each dimension of compound control.
* @elem_size: Size of individual element of compound control.
* @is_volatile: Control is volatile.
* @is_read_only: Control is read-only.
* @can_store: Control uses configuration stores.
* See also struct v4l2_ctrl_config.
struct rockchip_vpu_control {
u32 id;
enum v4l2_ctrl_type type;
const char *name;
s32 minimum;
s32 maximum;
s32 step;
u32 menu_skip_mask;
s32 default_value;
s32 max_stores;
u32 dims[V4L2_CTRL_MAX_DIMS];
u32 elem_size;
bool is_volatile:1;
bool is_read_only:1;
bool can_store:1;
struct refs_counts {
u32 eob[2];
u32 coeff[3];
#define REF_TYPES 2 /* intra=0, inter=1 */
#define TX_SIZES 4 /**
* 4x4 transform
* 8x8 transform
* 16x16 transform
* 32x32 transform
#define PLANE_TYPES 2 /* Y UV */
/* Middle dimension reflects the coefficient position within the transform. */
#define COEF_BANDS 6
#define MAX_SEGMENTS 8
#define TX_SIZES 4
#define PLANE_TYPES 2
#define COEF_BANDS 6
#define INTRA_MODES 10
#define INTER_PROB_SIZE_ALIGN_TO_128 151
#define INTRA_PROB_SIZE_ALIGN_TO_128 149
#define REF_CONTEXTS 5
#define SWITCHABLE_FILTERS 3 /* number of switchable filters */
#define INTER_MODES 4
#define MV_JOINTS 4
#define MV_CLASSES 11
/* bits at integer precision for class 0 */
#define CLASS0_BITS 1
#define CLASS0_SIZE (1 << CLASS0_BITS)
#define MV_FP_SIZE 4
/* count output if inter frame being decoded */
struct symbol_counts_for_inter_frame {
u32 skip[SKIP_CONTEXTS][2];
u32 inter[4][2];
* tx16p counts contain 2x3 elements, only 3 TX_SIZES
* tx16p[0][3] and tx16p[1][3] no meaning, only use for
* memory align
u32 tx16p[TX_SIZE_CONTEXTS][TX_SIZES - 1 + 1];
u32 comp_ref[REF_CONTEXTS][2];
u32 single_ref[REF_CONTEXTS][2][2];
u32 mv_joint[MV_JOINTS];
u32 sign[2][2];
/* add 1 element for align */
u32 classes[2][MV_CLASSES + 1];
u32 class0[2][CLASS0_SIZE];
u32 bits[2][MV_OFFSET_BITS][2];
u32 class0_fp[2][CLASS0_SIZE][MV_FP_SIZE];
u32 fp[2][4];
u32 class0_hp[2][2];
u32 hp[2][2];
struct refs_counts ref_cnt[REF_TYPES][TX_SIZES][PLANE_TYPES]
/* counts output if intra frame being decoded */
struct symbol_counts_for_intra_frame {
u32 partition[4][4][PARTITION_TYPES];
u32 skip[SKIP_CONTEXTS][2];
u32 intra[4][2];
u32 tx16p[TX_SIZE_CONTEXTS][TX_SIZES - 1 + 1];
struct refs_counts ref_cnt[REF_TYPES][TX_SIZES][PLANE_TYPES]
union rkv_vp9_symbol_counts {
struct symbol_counts_for_intra_frame intra_spec;
struct symbol_counts_for_inter_frame inter_spec;
struct intra_mode_prob {
u8 y_mode_prob[105];
u8 uv_mode_prob[23];
struct intra_only_frm_spec {
u8 coef_probs_intra[4][2][128];
struct intra_mode_prob intra_mode[10];
struct inter_frm_spec {
u8 y_mode_probs[4][9];
u8 comp_mode_prob[5];
u8 comp_ref_prob[5];
u8 single_ref_prob[5][2];
u8 inter_mode_probs[7][3];
u8 interp_filter_probs[4][2];
u8 res[11];
u8 coef_probs[2][4][2][128];
u8 uv_mode_prob_0_2[3][9];
u8 res0[5];
u8 uv_mode_prob_3_5[3][9];
u8 res1[5];
u8 uv_mode_prob_6_8[3][9];
u8 res2[5];
u8 uv_mode_prob_9[9];
u8 res3[7];
u8 res4[16];
u8 mv_joint_probs[3];
u8 mv_sign_prob[2];
u8 mv_class_probs[2][10];
u8 mv_class0_bit_prob[2];
u8 mv_bits_prob[2][10];
u8 mv_class0_fr_probs[2][2][3];
u8 mv_fr_probs[2][3];
u8 mv_class0_hp_prob[2];
u8 mv_hp_prob[2];
struct vp9_decoder_probs_hw {
u8 partition_probs[16][3];
u8 pred_probs[3];
u8 tree_probs[7];
u8 skip_prob[3];
u8 tx_probs_32x32[2][3];
u8 tx_probs_16x16[2][2];
u8 tx_probs_8x8[2][1];
u8 is_inter_prob[4];
u8 res[3];
/* 128 bit align */
union {
struct intra_only_frm_spec intra_spec;
struct inter_frm_spec inter_spec;
/* Logging helpers */
* debug - Module parameter to control level of debugging messages.
* Level of debugging messages can be controlled by bits of module parameter
* called "debug". Meaning of particular bits is as follows:
* bit 0 - global information: mode, size, init, release
* bit 1 - each run start/result information
* bit 2 - contents of small controls from userspace
* bit 3 - contents of big controls from userspace
* bit 4 - detail fmt, ctrl, buffer q/dq information
* bit 5 - detail function enter/leave trace information
* bit 6 - register write/read information
extern int rockchip_vpu_debug;
#define vpu_debug(level, fmt, args...) \
do { \
if (rockchip_vpu_debug & BIT(level)) \
pr_debug("%s:%d: " fmt, \
__func__, __LINE__, ##args); \
} while (0)
#define vpu_debug_enter() vpu_debug(5, "enter\n")
#define vpu_debug_leave() vpu_debug(5, "leave\n")
#define vpu_err(fmt, args...) \
pr_err("%s:%d: " fmt, __func__, __LINE__, ##args)
static inline char *fmt2str(u32 fmt, char *str)
char a = fmt & 0xFF;
char b = (fmt >> 8) & 0xFF;
char c = (fmt >> 16) & 0xFF;
char d = (fmt >> 24) & 0xFF;
sprintf(str, "%c%c%c%c", a, b, c, d);
return str;
/* Structure access helpers. */
static inline struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *fh_to_ctx(struct v4l2_fh *fh)
return container_of(fh, struct rockchip_vpu_ctx, fh);
static inline struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctrl_to_ctx(struct v4l2_ctrl *ctrl)
return container_of(ctrl->handler,
struct rockchip_vpu_ctx, ctrl_handler);
static inline struct rockchip_vpu_buf *vb_to_buf(struct vb2_buffer *vb)
return container_of(to_vb2_v4l2_buffer(vb), struct rockchip_vpu_buf, b);
static inline bool rockchip_vpu_ctx_is_encoder(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx)
return ctx->vpu_dst_fmt->codec_mode != RK_VPU_CODEC_NONE;
static inline bool
rockchip_vpu_ctx_is_dummy_encode(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx)
struct rockchip_vpu_dev *dev = ctx->dev;
return ctx == dev->dummy_encode_ctx;
static inline unsigned int rockchip_vpu_rounded_luma_size(unsigned int w,
unsigned int h)
return round_up(w, MB_DIM) * round_up(h, MB_DIM);
int rockchip_vpu_ctrls_setup(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx,
const struct v4l2_ctrl_ops *ctrl_ops,
struct rockchip_vpu_control *controls,
unsigned num_ctrls,
const char *const *(*get_menu)(u32));
void rockchip_vpu_ctrls_delete(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx);
void rockchip_vpu_try_context(struct rockchip_vpu_dev *dev,
struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx);
void rockchip_vpu_run_done(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx,
enum vb2_buffer_state result);
int rockchip_vpu_aux_buf_alloc(struct rockchip_vpu_dev *vpu,
struct rockchip_vpu_aux_buf *buf, size_t size);
void rockchip_vpu_aux_buf_free(struct rockchip_vpu_dev *vpu,
struct rockchip_vpu_aux_buf *buf);
/* Register accessors. */
static inline void vepu_write_relaxed(struct rockchip_vpu_dev *vpu,
u32 val, u32 reg)
vpu_debug(6, "MARK: set reg[%03d]: %08x\n", reg / 4, val);
writel_relaxed(val, vpu->enc_base + reg);
static inline void vepu_write(struct rockchip_vpu_dev *vpu, u32 val, u32 reg)
vpu_debug(6, "MARK: set reg[%03d]: %08x\n", reg / 4, val);
writel(val, vpu->enc_base + reg);
static inline u32 vepu_read(struct rockchip_vpu_dev *vpu, u32 reg)
u32 val = readl(vpu->enc_base + reg);
vpu_debug(6, "MARK: get reg[%03d]: %08x\n", reg / 4, val);
return val;
static inline void vdpu_write_relaxed(struct rockchip_vpu_dev *vpu,
u32 val, u32 reg)
vpu_debug(6, "MARK: set reg[%03d]: %08x\n", reg / 4, val);
writel_relaxed(val, vpu->dec_base + reg);
static inline void vdpu_write(struct rockchip_vpu_dev *vpu, u32 val, u32 reg)
vpu_debug(6, "MARK: set reg[%03d]: %08x\n", reg / 4, val);
writel(val, vpu->dec_base + reg);
static inline u32 vdpu_read(struct rockchip_vpu_dev *vpu, u32 reg)
u32 val = readl(vpu->dec_base + reg);
vpu_debug(6, "MARK: get reg[%03d]: %08x\n", reg / 4, val);
return val;