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* Rockchip VPU codec driver
* Copyright (C) 2014 Google, Inc.
* Tomasz Figa <>
* This software is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public
* License version 2, as published by the Free Software Foundation, and
* may be copied, distributed, and modified under those terms.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
#include <linux/interrupt.h>
#include <linux/v4l2-controls.h>
#include <media/videobuf2-core.h>
#define ROCKCHIP_VPU_CABAC_TABLE_SIZE (52 * 2 * 464)
struct rockchip_vpu_dev;
struct rockchip_vpu_ctx;
struct rockchip_vpu_buf;
struct rockchip_vpu_variant;
struct rk3288_vpu_h264d_priv_tbl;
* struct rockchip_vpu_codec_ops - codec mode specific operations
* @init: Prepare for streaming. Called from VB2 .start_streaming()
* when streaming from both queues is being enabled.
* @exit: Clean-up after streaming. Called from VB2 .stop_streaming()
* when streaming from first of both enabled queues is being
* disabled.
* @run: Start single {en,de)coding run. Called from non-atomic context
* to indicate that a pair of buffers is ready and the hardware
* should be programmed and started.
* @done: Read back processing results and additional data from hardware.
* @reset: Reset the hardware in case of a timeout.
struct rockchip_vpu_codec_ops {
int (*init)(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *);
void (*exit)(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *);
void (*run)(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *);
void (*done)(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *, enum vb2_buffer_state);
void (*reset)(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *);
* enum rk3288_vpu_enc_fmt - source format ID for hardware registers.
enum rk3288_vpu_enc_fmt {
RK3288_VPU_ENC_FMT_YUV420P = 0,
RK3288_VPU_ENC_FMT_YUV420SP = 1,
RK3288_VPU_ENC_FMT_YUYV422 = 2,
RK3288_VPU_ENC_FMT_UYVY422 = 3,
* struct rk3288_vp8e_reg_params - low level encoding parameters
* TODO: Create abstract structures for more generic controls or just
* remove unused fields.
struct rk3288_vp8e_reg_params {
u32 unused_00[5];
u32 hdr_len;
u32 unused_18[8];
u32 enc_ctrl;
u32 unused_3c;
u32 enc_ctrl0;
u32 enc_ctrl1;
u32 enc_ctrl2;
u32 enc_ctrl3;
u32 enc_ctrl5;
u32 enc_ctrl4;
u32 str_hdr_rem_msb;
u32 str_hdr_rem_lsb;
u32 unused_60;
u32 mad_ctrl;
u32 unused_68;
u32 qp_val[8];
u32 bool_enc;
u32 vp8_ctrl0;
u32 rlc_ctrl;
u32 mb_ctrl;
u32 unused_9c[14];
u32 rgb_yuv_coeff[2];
u32 rgb_mask_msb;
u32 intra_area_ctrl;
u32 cir_intra_ctrl;
u32 unused_e8[2];
u32 first_roi_area;
u32 second_roi_area;
u32 mvc_ctrl;
u32 unused_fc;
u32 intra_penalty[7];
u32 unused_11c;
u32 seg_qp[24];
u32 dmv_4p_1p_penalty[32];
u32 dmv_qpel_penalty[32];
u32 vp8_ctrl1;
u32 bit_cost_golden;
u32 loop_flt_delta[2];
* struct rk3288_h264e_reg_params - low level encoding parameters
* TODO: Create abstract structures for more generic controls or just
* remove unused fields.
struct rk3288_h264e_reg_params {
u32 frame_coding_type;
s32 pic_init_qp;
s32 slice_alpha_offset;
s32 slice_beta_offset;
s32 chroma_qp_index_offset;
s32 filter_disable;
u16 idr_pic_id;
s32 pps_id;
s32 frame_num;
s32 slice_size_mb_rows;
s32 h264_inter4x4_disabled;
s32 enable_cabac;
s32 transform8x8_mode;
s32 cabac_init_idc;
/* rate control relevant */
s32 qp;
s32 mad_qp_delta;
s32 mad_threshold;
s32 qp_min;
s32 qp_max;
s32 cp_distance_mbs;
s32 cp_target[10];
s32 target_error[7];
s32 delta_qp[7];
* struct rk3399_vp8e_reg_params - low level encoding parameters
* TODO: Create abstract structures for more generic controls or just
* remove unused fields.
struct rk3399_vp8e_reg_params {
u32 is_intra;
u32 frm_hdr_size;
u32 qp;
s32 mv_prob[2][19];
s32 intra_prob;
u32 bool_enc_value;
u32 bool_enc_value_bits;
u32 bool_enc_range;
u32 filterDisable;
u32 filter_sharpness;
u32 filter_level;
s32 intra_frm_delta;
s32 last_frm_delta;
s32 golden_frm_delta;
s32 altref_frm_delta;
s32 bpred_mode_delta;
s32 zero_mode_delta;
s32 newmv_mode_delta;
s32 splitmv_mode_delta;
* struct rockchip_reg_params - low level encoding parameters
struct rockchip_reg_params {
/* Mode-specific data. */
union {
const struct rk3288_h264e_reg_params rk3288_h264e;
const struct rk3288_vp8e_reg_params rk3288_vp8e;
const struct rk3399_vp8e_reg_params rk3399_vp8e;
struct rockchip_vpu_h264e_feedback {
s32 qp_sum;
s32 cp[10];
s32 mad_count;
s32 rlc_count;
* struct rockchip_vpu_aux_buf - auxiliary DMA buffer for hardware data
* @cpu: CPU pointer to the buffer.
* @dma: DMA address of the buffer.
* @size: Size of the buffer.
struct rockchip_vpu_aux_buf {
void *cpu;
dma_addr_t dma;
size_t size;
* struct rockchip_vpu_vp8e_hw_ctx - Context private data specific to codec
* mode.
* @ctrl_buf: VP8 control buffer.
* @ext_buf: VP8 ext data buffer.
* @mv_buf: VP8 motion vector buffer.
* @ref_rec_ptr: Bit flag for swapping ref and rec buffers every frame.
struct rockchip_vpu_vp8e_hw_ctx {
struct rockchip_vpu_aux_buf ctrl_buf;
struct rockchip_vpu_aux_buf ext_buf;
struct rockchip_vpu_aux_buf mv_buf;
u8 ref_rec_ptr:1;
* struct rockchip_vpu_vp8d_hw_ctx - Context private data of VP8 decoder.
* @segment_map: Segment map buffer.
* @prob_tbl: Probability table buffer.
struct rockchip_vpu_vp8d_hw_ctx {
struct rockchip_vpu_aux_buf segment_map;
struct rockchip_vpu_aux_buf prob_tbl;
* struct rockchip_vpu_h264d_hw_ctx - Per context data specific to H264
* decoding.
* @priv_tbl: Private auxiliary buffer for hardware.
struct rockchip_vpu_h264d_hw_ctx {
struct rockchip_vpu_aux_buf priv_tbl;
struct rockchip_vpu_vp9d_last_info {
bool abs_delta;
s8 ref_deltas[4];
s8 mode_deltas[2];
bool segmentation_enable;
bool show_frame;
bool intra_only;
u32 width;
u32 height;
u8 frame_type;
s16 feature_data[8][4];
u8 feature_mask[8];
dma_addr_t mv_base_addr;
bool last_segid_flag;
struct rockchip_vpu_vp9d_counts {
u32 partition[4][4][4];
u32 skip[3][2];
u32 intra[4][2];
u32 tx32p[2][4];
u32 tx16p[2][4]; /* orign tx16p */
u32 tx8p[2][2];
u32 y_mode[4][10];
u32 uv_mode[10][10];
u32 comp[5][2];
u32 comp_ref[5][2];
u32 single_ref[5][2][2];
u32 mv_mode[7][4];
u32 filter[4][3];
u32 mv_joint[4];
u32 sign[2][2];
u32 classes[2][12]; /* orign classes[12] */
u32 class0[2][2];
u32 bits[2][10][2];
u32 class0_fp[2][2][4];
u32 fp[2][4];
u32 class0_hp[2][2];
u32 hp[2][2];
u32 coef[4][2][2][6][6][3];
u32 eob[4][2][2][6][6][2];
struct rockchip_vpu_vp9d_hw_ctx {
struct rockchip_vpu_aux_buf priv_tbl;
struct rockchip_vpu_aux_buf priv_dst;
struct rockchip_vpu_vp9d_last_info last_info;
dma_addr_t mv_base_addr;
* struct rockchip_vpu_h264e_hw_ctx - Context private data specific to
* codec mode.
* @ctrl_buf: H264 control buffer.
* @ext_buf: H264 ext data buffer.
* @ref_rec_ptr: Bit flag for swapping ref and rec buffers every frame.
struct rockchip_vpu_h264e_hw_ctx {
struct rockchip_vpu_aux_buf cabac_tbl[3];
struct rockchip_vpu_aux_buf ext_buf;
u8 ref_rec_ptr:1;
* struct rockchip_vpu_hw_ctx - Context private data of hardware code.
* @codec_ops: Set of operations associated with current codec mode.
struct rockchip_vpu_hw_ctx {
const struct rockchip_vpu_codec_ops *codec_ops;
/* Specific for particular codec modes. */
union {
struct rockchip_vpu_vp8e_hw_ctx vp8e;
struct rockchip_vpu_vp8d_hw_ctx vp8d;
struct rockchip_vpu_h264e_hw_ctx h264e;
struct rockchip_vpu_h264d_hw_ctx h264d;
struct rockchip_vpu_vp9d_hw_ctx vp9d;
/* Other modes will need different data. */
extern const struct rockchip_vpu_variant rk3288_vpu_variant;
extern const struct rockchip_vpu_variant rk3399_vpu_variant;
extern const struct rockchip_vpu_variant rk3399_vdec_variant;
void rockchip_vpu_watchdog(struct work_struct *work);
void rockchip_vpu_power_on(struct rockchip_vpu_dev *vpu);
int rockchip_vpu_init(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx);
void rockchip_vpu_deinit(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx);
void rockchip_vpu_run(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx);
void rockchip_vpu_irq_done(struct rockchip_vpu_dev *vpu);
/* Run ops for rk3288 H264 decoder */
int rk3288_vpu_h264d_init(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx);
void rk3288_vpu_h264d_exit(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx);
void rk3288_vpu_h264d_run(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx);
/* Run ops for rk3288 h264 encoder */
int rk3288_vpu_h264e_init(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx);
void rk3288_vpu_h264e_exit(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx);
void rk3288_vpu_h264e_run(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx);
void rk3288_vpu_h264e_done(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx,
enum vb2_buffer_state result);
/* Run ops for rk3288 VP8 decoder */
int rk3288_vpu_vp8d_init(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx);
void rk3288_vpu_vp8d_exit(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx);
void rk3288_vpu_vp8d_run(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx);
/* Run ops for rk3288 VP8 encoder */
int rk3288_vpu_vp8e_init(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx);
void rk3288_vpu_vp8e_exit(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx);
void rk3288_vpu_vp8e_run(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx);
void rk3288_vpu_vp8e_done(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx,
enum vb2_buffer_state result);
const struct rk3288_vp8e_reg_params *rk3288_vpu_vp8e_get_dummy_params(void);
void rk3288_vpu_vp8e_assemble_bitstream(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx,
struct rockchip_vpu_buf *dst_buf);
/* Run ops for rk3399 vpu H264 encoder */
int rk3399_vpu_h264e_init(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx);
void rk3399_vpu_h264e_exit(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx);
void rk3399_vpu_h264e_run(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx);
void rk3399_vpu_h264e_done(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx,
enum vb2_buffer_state result);
/* Run ops for rk3399 vpu VP8 decoder */
int rk3399_vpu_vp8d_init(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx);
void rk3399_vpu_vp8d_exit(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx);
void rk3399_vpu_vp8d_run(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx);
/* Run ops for rk3399 vpu VP8 encoder */
int rk3399_vpu_vp8e_init(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx);
void rk3399_vpu_vp8e_exit(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx);
void rk3399_vpu_vp8e_run(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx);
void rk3399_vpu_vp8e_done(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx,
enum vb2_buffer_state result);
/* Run ops for rk3399 vdec H264 decoder */
int rk3399_vdec_h264d_init(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx);
void rk3399_vdec_h264d_exit(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx);
void rk3399_vdec_h264d_run(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx);
/* Run ops for rk3399 vdec VP9 decoder */
int rk3399_vdec_vp9d_init(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx);
void rk3399_vdec_vp9d_exit(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx);
void rk3399_vdec_vp9d_run(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx);
void rk3399_vdec_vp9d_done(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx,
enum vb2_buffer_state result);
/* Run ops for rk3399 vdec JPEG encoder */
void rk3399_vpu_jpege_run(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx);
void rk3399_vpu_jpege_done(struct rockchip_vpu_ctx *ctx,
enum vb2_buffer_state result);
#endif /* ROCKCHIP_VPU_HW_H_ */