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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later */
* Copyright (C) 2019, Google Inc.
* main_window.h - qcam - Main application window
#ifndef __QCAM_MAIN_WINDOW_H__
#define __QCAM_MAIN_WINDOW_H__
#include <memory>
#include <QElapsedTimer>
#include <QIcon>
#include <QMainWindow>
#include <QMutex>
#include <QObject>
#include <QQueue>
#include <QTimer>
#include <libcamera/buffer.h>
#include <libcamera/camera.h>
#include <libcamera/camera_manager.h>
#include <libcamera/controls.h>
#include <libcamera/framebuffer_allocator.h>
#include <libcamera/stream.h>
#include "../cam/stream_options.h"
#include "viewfinder.h"
using namespace libcamera;
class QAction;
class QComboBox;
enum {
OptCamera = 'c',
OptHelp = 'h',
OptStream = 's',
class CaptureRequest
CaptureRequest(const std::map<Stream *, FrameBuffer *> &buffers,
const ControlList &metadata)
: buffers_(buffers), metadata_(metadata)
std::map<Stream *, FrameBuffer *> buffers_;
ControlList metadata_;
class MainWindow : public QMainWindow
MainWindow(CameraManager *cm, const OptionsParser::Options &options);
bool event(QEvent *e) override;
private Q_SLOTS:
void quit();
void updateTitle();
void switchCamera(int index);
void toggleCapture(bool start);
void saveImageAs();
void captureRaw();
void processRaw(FrameBuffer *buffer, const ControlList &metadata);
void queueRequest(FrameBuffer *buffer);
int createToolbars();
std::string chooseCamera();
int openCamera();
int startCapture();
void stopCapture();
void requestComplete(Request *request);
void processCapture();
void processViewfinder(FrameBuffer *buffer);
/* UI elements */
QToolBar *toolbar_;
QAction *startStopAction_;
QComboBox *cameraCombo_;
QAction *saveRaw_;
ViewFinder *viewfinder_;
QIcon iconPlay_;
QIcon iconStop_;
QString title_;
QTimer titleTimer_;
/* Options */
const OptionsParser::Options &options_;
/* Camera manager, camera, configuration and buffers */
CameraManager *cm_;
std::shared_ptr<Camera> camera_;
FrameBufferAllocator *allocator_;
std::unique_ptr<CameraConfiguration> config_;
std::map<FrameBuffer *, MappedBuffer> mappedBuffers_;
/* Capture state, buffers queue and statistics */
bool isCapturing_;
bool captureRaw_;
Stream *vfStream_;
Stream *rawStream_;
std::map<Stream *, QQueue<FrameBuffer *>> freeBuffers_;
QQueue<CaptureRequest> doneQueue_;
QMutex mutex_; /* Protects freeBuffers_ and doneQueue_ */
uint64_t lastBufferTime_;
QElapsedTimer frameRateInterval_;
uint32_t previousFrames_;
uint32_t framesCaptured_;
#endif /* __QCAM_MAIN_WINDOW__ */