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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: LGPL-2.1-or-later */
* Copyright (C) 2020, Linaro
* viewfinder_GL.h - OpenGL Viewfinder for rendering by OpenGL shader
#pragma once
#include <array>
#include <memory>
#include <QImage>
#include <QMutex>
#include <QOpenGLBuffer>
#include <QOpenGLFunctions>
#include <QOpenGLShader>
#include <QOpenGLShaderProgram>
#include <QOpenGLTexture>
#include <QOpenGLWidget>
#include <QSize>
#include <libcamera/formats.h>
#include <libcamera/framebuffer.h>
#include "viewfinder.h"
class ViewFinderGL : public QOpenGLWidget,
public ViewFinder,
protected QOpenGLFunctions
ViewFinderGL(QWidget *parent = nullptr);
const QList<libcamera::PixelFormat> &nativeFormats() const override;
int setFormat(const libcamera::PixelFormat &format, const QSize &size,
unsigned int stride) override;
void render(libcamera::FrameBuffer *buffer, Image *image) override;
void stop() override;
QImage getCurrentImage() override;
void renderComplete(libcamera::FrameBuffer *buffer);
void initializeGL() override;
void paintGL() override;
void resizeGL(int w, int h) override;
QSize sizeHint() const override;
bool selectFormat(const libcamera::PixelFormat &format);
void configureTexture(QOpenGLTexture &texture);
bool createFragmentShader();
bool createVertexShader();
void removeShader();
void doRender();
/* Captured image size, format and buffer */
libcamera::FrameBuffer *buffer_;
libcamera::PixelFormat format_;
QSize size_;
unsigned int stride_;
Image *image_;
/* Shaders */
QOpenGLShaderProgram shaderProgram_;
std::unique_ptr<QOpenGLShader> vertexShader_;
std::unique_ptr<QOpenGLShader> fragmentShader_;
QString vertexShaderFile_;
QString fragmentShaderFile_;
QStringList fragmentShaderDefines_;
/* Vertex buffer */
QOpenGLBuffer vertexBuffer_;
/* Textures */
std::array<std::unique_ptr<QOpenGLTexture>, 3> textures_;
/* Common texture parameters */
GLuint textureMinMagFilters_;
/* YUV texture parameters */
GLuint textureUniformU_;
GLuint textureUniformV_;
GLuint textureUniformY_;
GLuint textureUniformStep_;
unsigned int horzSubSample_;
unsigned int vertSubSample_;
/* Raw Bayer texture parameters */
GLuint textureUniformSize_;
GLuint textureUniformStrideFactor_;
GLuint textureUniformBayerFirstRed_;
QPointF firstRed_;
QMutex mutex_; /* Prevent concurrent access to image_ */