android: Fix 32-bit app crashing in 64-bit Android

Seemingly the 64-bit int is always aligned to 8 in LP64.
But this is not hold in LP32.

Consequently sizeof(gralloc_drm_handle_t) are different
between LP64 (which is 18 ints) and LP32 (which is 16 ints).
As a result, 32-bit apps will crash in 64-bit OS since the
checking handle->base.numInts != GRALLOC_GBM_HANDLE_NUM_INTS
is true.

Fix it by always aligning 64-bit int to 8. Besides, to avoid
additional padding, just exchange the order of data_owner
and modifier. It aligns modifier to 8 natually.
This makes gralloc_drm_handle_t fit in 16 ints perfectly.

(v2) gralloc_drm_handle.h patch now applied in gralloc_handle.h
     and GRALLOC_HANDLE_VERSION updated to 4

Reported-by: Mauro Rossi <>
Signed-off-by: Chih-Wei Huang <>
Reviewed-by: Robert Foss <>
1 file changed