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New in 1.0rc1 - 2013-01-XX
* Ported to libusb 1.x (initial work by Jie Zhang)
* Many eeprom handling improvements (Uwe Bonnes, Anders Larsen)
* Renamed pkconfig, library .so etc. files to "libftdi1" (Intra2net)
* ftdi_eeprom is part of libftdi now (Intra2net)
* New baudrate calculation code + unit tests (Uwe Bonnes and Intra2net)
* Improved python bindings including python3 support (Michel Zou)
* Switched completly to cmake build system (Intra2net)
* eeprom handling now done via get()/set() functions (Uwe Bonnes)
* C++ wrapper: Fixed use-after-free in List::find_all() (Intra2net)
* See the git history for more changes and fixes
New in 0.20 - 2012-03-19
* Support for FT232H (Uwe Bonnes)
* Fixed install location of header files (Uwe Bonnes and Intra2net)
* Backported serial_test tool from libftdi 1.x (Uwe Bonnes)
New in 0.19 - 2011-05-23
* Make kernel driver detach configurable (Thomas Klose)
* Correct ftdi_poll_modem_status() result code (Tom Saunders)
* cmake build system improvements (Evgeny Sinelnikov)
* Fix uninitialized memory access in async mode (Intra2net)
* Support for FT232R eeprom features (Hermann Kraus)
* Fix size returned by ftdi_read_data (Hermann Kraus)
* C++ wrapper: Fix infinite recursion in set_bitmode (Intra2net)
* Improvements to the python wrapper (Flynn Marquardt and Chris Zeh)
New in 0.18 - 2010-06-25
* Add ftdi_eeprom_free() to free allocated memory in eeprom (Wilfried Holzke)
* More generic error message for the FTDI kernel driver (Intra2net)
* Honor CPPFLAGS in python wrapper build (Alexander Lehmann)
* cmake: Fix package creation on 32-bit machines (Uwe Bonnes)
* Fix swig argument constraints (Intra2net)
* Don't segfault if device is closed or ftdi context is invalid (Intra2net)
* Ability to disable build of examples / documentation (Mike Frysinger and Intra2net)
* Fix typo in python wrapper build (Mike Frysinger)
* Autoconf build system improvements (Mike Frysinger)
New in 0.17 - 2009-12-19
* C++ wrapper: Reduced code duplication and small other changes (Intra2net)
* Deprecated old ftdi_enable_bitbang() function (Intra2net)
* New ftdi_usb_open_desc_index() function (Intra2net)
* Added baud rate test example code (Intra2net)
* New serial input example code (Jim Paris)
* Fix modem status byte filtering for USB high speed chips (Intra2net and Jim Paris)
* Add bitmode for synchronous fifo in FT2232H (Uwe Bonnes)
* Fix usb_set_configuration() call on Windows 64 (NIL)
* Fix usb index in ftdi_convert_baudrate() for FT2232H/FT4232H chips (Thimo Eichstaedt)
* Set initial baudrate on correct interface instead of always the first one (Thimo Eichstaedt)
* Call usb_set_configuration() on Windows only (Uwe Bonnes)
* 64 bit and other buildsystem fixes (Uwe Bonnes)
* Don't build --with-async-mode w/ libusb-compat-0.1 (Clifford Wolf)
* Functions for read/write of a single eeprom location (Oleg Seiljus)
* Protect against double close of usb device (Nathan Fraser)
* Fix out-of-tree-build in python wrapper (Aurelien Jarno)
* Autoconf and doxygen cleanup (Jim Paris)
New in 0.16 - 2009-05-08
* C++ wrapper: Reopen the device after calling get_strings() in Context::open() (Marek Vavruša and Intra2net)
* C++ wrapper: Fixed an inheritance problem (Marek Vavruša and Intra2net)
* C++ wrapper: Relicensed under GPLv2 + linking exception (Marek Vavruša and Intra2net)
* Support for FT2232H and FT4232H (David Challis, Alex Harford and Intra2net)
* Support for mingw cross compile (Uwe Bonnes)
* Python bindings and minor autoconf cleanup (Tarek Heiland)
* Code cleanup in various places (Intra2net)
* Fixed ftdi_read_chipid in some cases (Matthias Richter)
* eeprom decode function and small cleanups (Marius Kintel)
* cmake system improvements (Marius Kintel and Intra2net)
* Fix compilation in -ansi -pedantic mode (Matthias Janke)
New in 0.15 - 2008-12-19
* Full C++ wrapper. Needs boost (Marek Vavruša and Intra2net)
* cmake rules (Marek Vavruša)
New in 0.14 - 2008-09-09
* Fixed flow control code for second FT2232 interface (Marek Vavruša)
* Ability to set flow control via one USB call (Marek Vavruša)
* 64 bit build support in the RPM spec file (Uwe Bonnes)
* Small fix to the RPM spec file (Uwe Bonnes)
* Ability to set RS232 break type (Intra2net)
* Grouped flow control and modem status code together (Intra2net)
New in 0.13 - 2008-06-13
* Build .spec file via (Intra2net)
* Fixed "libusb-config --cflags" call (Mike Frysinger and Intra2net)
* Always set usb configuration (Mike Frysinger and Intra2net)
* Improved libusb-win32 support (Mike Frysinger)
New in 0.12 - 2008-04-16
* Fix build of documentation for "out of tree" builds
* Fix USB config descriptor in the eeprom (Juergen Beisert)
* Ability to purge RX/TX buffers separately (Arnim Läuger)
* Setting of event and error character (Arnim Läuger)
* Poll modem status function (Arnim Läuger and Intra2net)
* Updated documentation and created AUTHORS file
New in 0.11 - 2008-03-01
* Vala bindings helper functions (ftdi_new, ftdi_free, ftdi_list_free2) (Even Nermerson)
* Support for different EEPROM sizes (Andrew John Rogers,
* Async write support. Linux only and no error handling.
You have to enable it via --with-async-mode.
* Detection of R-type chips
* FTDIChip-ID read support (Peter Holik)
New in 0.10 - 2007-05-08
* Examples for libftdi_usb_find_all and CBUS mode
* Fixed ftdi_list_free
* Small cosmetic changes
New in 0.9 - 2007-02-09
* Fixed build without doxygen
* Correct .so file library version
New in 0.8 - 2007-02-08
* Complete doxygen documentation and examples
* Extended FT2232C bitbang mode example code (Max)
* ftdi_usb_get_strings function to get device ID strings (Matthijs ten Berge)
* Fix ftdi_read_pins on PowerPC systems (Thomas Fischl)
* Automatically detach ftdi_sio kernel driver (Uwe Bonnes and Intra2net)
* Configurable flow control (Lorenz Moesenlechner and Matthias Kranz)
New in 0.7 - 2005-10-11
* Baudrate calculation fix for FT2232C (Steven Turner/FTDI)
* Find all devices by vendor/product id (Tim Ansell and Intra2net)
* Documentation updates (Tim Ansell)
New in 0.6 - 2005-04-24
* Set library version on .so file again
* Configurable serial line parameters (Alain Abbas)
* Improved filtering of status bytes (Evgeny Sinelnikov)
* Extended FT2232C support (Uwe Bonnes)
* Small improvement to the baudrate calculation code (Emil)
* Error handling cleanup (Rogier Wolff and Intra2net)
New in 0.5 - 2004-09-24
* New autoconf suite
* pkgconfig support
* Status byte filtering now works for "big" readbuffer sizes (Thanks Evgeny!)
* Open device by description and/or serial (Evgeny Sinelnikov)
* Improved error handling (Evgeny Sinelnikov)
New in 0.4 - 2004-06-15
* Fixed filtering of status bytes (Readbuffer size is now 64 bytes)
* FT2232C support (Steven Turner/FTDI)
* New baudrate calculation code (Ian Abbott)
* Automatic detection of chip type
* Important: ftdi_write_data now returns the bytes written
* Fixed defaults values in ftdi_eeprom_initdefaults (Jean-Daniel Merkli)
* Reset internal readbuffer offsets for reset()/purge_buffers()
* Small typo fixes (Mark Haemmerling)
New in 0.3 - 2004-03-25
* Improved read function which takes arbitrary input buffer sizes
Attention: Call ftdi_deinit() on exit to free used memory
* Vastly increased read/write performance (configurable chunksize, default is 4096)
* Set/get latency timer function working (Thanks Steven Turner/FTDI)
* Increased library version because the changes require recompilation
New in 0.2 - 2004-01-03
* EEPROM build fix by Daniel Kirkham (Melbourne, Australia)
* Implemented basic ftdi_read_data() function
* EEPROM write fixes
New in 0.1 - 2003-06-10
* First public release