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The libmbim releases are generated using the GNU autotools.
1) Configure and build the whole project, making sure gtk-doc is enabled:
$ ./configure --enable-gtk-doc
$ make -j8
2) Run distcheck so that the source distribution tarball is generated, and the
project test suite is run on it:
$ make distcheck
3) Compute checksum of the tarball so that it can be referenced in the release
$ sha256sum libmbim-${VERSION}.tar.xz
4) Sign release tarball, and verify it (*):
$ gpg --detach-sign --armor libmbim-${VERSION}.tar.xz
$ gpg --verify libmbim-${VERSION}.tar.xz.asc libmbim-${VERSION}.tar.xz
5) Upload source tarball (.tar.xz) and signature (.tar.xz.asc) to
TODO: manpages and gtk-doc references
*) Verifying the release signature requires the public key of the person who
signed it, e.g.:
$ curl | gpg --import