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Contains the following commits:
 214bacb intel-firmware-update: implement ModemReboot version 2 (som)
 33e715d ms-voice-extensions: new service, including support for NITZ reporting (som)
 8dcbbaf build: fix order of source files (Aleksander Morgado)
 548190f intel-thermal-rf: implement RFIM cid (som)
 6093648 mbim-codegen,struct: allow gboolean members (Aleksander Morgado)
 d954f6a mbim-codegen,message: remove redundant check for personal info logging (Aleksander Morgado)
 af96ed0 build: version bump to indicate existence of new API (hide personal info) (Aleksander Morgado)
 fc21dc8 data,basic-connect: treat username and password as personal info (Aleksander Morgado)
 5668aba data,phonebook: treat phonebook entry number and name as personal info (Aleksander Morgado)
 a4c14b6 data,sms: treat PDU data and addresses as personal info (Aleksander Morgado)
 3ea7d6e data,basic-connect: treat subscriber id (IMSI) as personal info (Aleksander Morgado)
 0503138 data,basic-connect: treat device id (IMEI) as personal info (Aleksander Morgado)
 f5cdd3a data,basic-connect: minor alignment fix (Aleksander Morgado)
 9471eec libmbim-glib,device: if data less than 12 bytes, print it fully (Aleksander Morgado)
 d97d2dc libmbim-glib,device: also hide binary data in sent messages (Aleksander Morgado)
 6c03cbc libmbim-glib,device: fix leak in building printable string with hidden info (Aleksander Morgado)
 bd63508 mbimcli: remove duplicated short option for --verbose-full (Aleksander Morgado)
 f4d21e0 mbimcli: disallow running --verbose and --verbose-full together (Aleksander Morgado)
 7a040bf build-aux,codegen: print the '###' hidden field contents in a single place (Aleksander Morgado)
 99d757e libmbim-glib: allow hiding personal info while logging (som)
 43d4022 libmbim-glib,net-port-manager: use unaligned netlink attribute length (Bjørn Mork)
 03adbe0 mbimcli,basic-connect: fix key-value parser in --connect (Aleksander Morgado)


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libmbim is a glib-based library for talking to WWAN modems and devices which speak the Mobile Broadband Interface Model (MBIM) protocol.


Project documentation is kept in:


  • libmbim-glib library is released under the LGPL-2.1-or-later license.
  • mbimcli and mbim-network tools are released under the GPL-2.0-or-later license.

License texts can be found under the LICENSES folder.

Code of Conduct

Please note that this project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms, which you can find in the following link: CoC issues may be raised to the project maintainers at the following address: